Inner Light Online Retreat

Divine Feminine Connection

Inner Light online retreat

reclaimation of your divine self

Right now we are in a space of stillness. Of stillness but also with a lot of noise. We are confused, we are scared we are missing that connection and we facing unresolved trauma as it bubbles to the surface as we become more conscious as we begin to sit with ourselves. 

I have been running retreats for a while now and nothing brings people together, helps created a sacred space for healing and connection like a retreat does. 

I was not aware that I was going to miss it this much. That the connection and the coming together for fun as well as doing the work. 

I was supposed to run a retreat this weekend and so It dawned on me that I didn't have to wait until we were over this Covid-19 that I could run a 2 day retreat with connection calls and online workshops and content that you have access to online. 

This is going to be fun. Interactive and a very  healing experience. 

Right now at this time people are looking at how they feel. What emotions are coming up for them and they are tuning into them and that is wonderful. For the majority of our lives we have been busy enough to push them down and get on with it. Right now we have lots of time to reflect, to assess and to go within.

For some that is very uncomfortable and it makes for unrest, upheaval, uncertainty and frustration. 

What I want to focus on during this online retreat is some fun.... 

Connection back to the essence of ourselves and to creating a solid grounding energy. 

So many of us are also feeling into the energy shift and what it means for us moving forward. 

Life itself is changing and the way we are living our lives is also shifting.

We are asking ourselves questions about what we "really" need and want for our lives. This pandemic has stopped us all literally in our tracks and we are fearful and confused but we are also open. Open to the miracles that life holds for us. 

During this event we are going to:


  • Step into ways to connect into our emotions and learn to bring awareness to them and to explore the triggers around them. 

  • We are going to tune into our inner essence by  moving  our bodies in a way that will help ground us and allow us to feel. 

  • We will use our bodies and deep dive into the wisdom we hold within. 

  • We will connect with the elements and utilise them to create harmony and balance within us.

  • We will learn how to unlock the sacred essence within and trust in our own inner voice and guidance 

  • We will connect with other like minded women and we will have most importantly fun........

The modalities we will explore will be:

  • Meditation, moving and still 

  • Invocations and Activation's

  • Embodied sacred feminine wisdom practices

  • Shamanic journeying 

  • Energy healing 

  • Grounding 

  • Conscious and somatic dance practice

You are invited

Join us for a fun packed day of dance, connection, meditation and healing.

This will be a safe container for you to connect not only to yourself but to those who will be joining you in this experience. 

$77 secures your space at this wonderful event

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