Mumcation Retreat 

Date to be advised 2020

Mumcation - Definition

"Being able to drink a full cup of coffee while it is still warm"


This retreat is for you if you are a mother to a human or animal or plant. 

It is also for you if you need some time to just get away to hear yourself think.

You want to relax while someone makes you dinner!

You want to go to the toilet alone or take a shower in peace. This is for you if you want to have adult conversations with other women who also to want to have adult conversations. 

As women we can feel a lot of shame and guilt around caring for ourselves.


We have been conditioned to feel that we need to be the caretakers and that we need to look after our families, and the responsibilities that come along with that before we look after ourselves. We view it as being selfish, or we fear others will think that we are selfish. This is actually the opposite of being true. We are being selfish to those around us if we do not look after ourselves and engage in self care, because we are much nicer to be around when we are caring for ourselves. Now this does not mean we have to be spending big dollars at the spa. It can be small things that make us feel better. That make us feel more alive. It could be as simple as having a cup of tea, (while hot ) out in the sunshine while reading a book. It could be getting a walk in in the afternoon by ourselves. It could be buying supermarket flowers for you home and every time you walk by you feel good. 

We need to learn to feel Okay with caring for ourselves. We become better partners, better carers and friends and generally just better to be around. When we are coming from a place of overwhelm, lack, anxiety, frustration and resentment we really are not being our best self. 

This retreat was created off the term MUMCATION. A vacation, for mothers. A vacation from the everyday. From the routines, the running around, the ever annoying task of making a decision of what everyone will have for dinner.  From NEVER having a second alone. 

This retreat is for you to take a load off. Sit down (and stay down for more than one minute) It is for you to connect with other like minded women. 
A chance for you to just be still, enjoy the quiet sounds of the surrounding nature. It is for you to forget about the laundry and not to think about how much there will be when you return home. 

Its a place where you get to enjoy your entire meal and where you don't have to tell the white lie of (its spicy ) so you don't have to share. 

In short it is heaven on Earth.

Mindfulness Workshop:

I will also be running a workshop on Mindfulness and how you can use the techniques for yourself in your home life to bring balance not only to you but also to your entire family. 

Guiding you with tools such as


Breath work,


Self care,

Energy exercises that  you can use for yourself. 

This workshop will cover how to manage and cope with stress, anxiety overwhelm and frustration and will show you how to put strategies into place to help with these emotions. 

You will each receive a workbook so that you can use when you get home. 


Each of our guests receive an individual Reiki healing. 

For those who may not have experienced Reiki before it is an energy healing modality that requires you to just lie and relax, while the practitioner (me) does a body scan to see if they can pick up any stagnant energy, blocks within your system. Reiki is working with the energy fields  of the body. 

Reiki aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy around the body, say practitioners, can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness.

Reiki has been around for thousands of years, its current form being developed by a Japanese buddhist called Mikao Usui. 


Our guests will be pampered with a delicious foot massage. If you do not like your feet being touched then you can opt for a hand massage, sit back and relax and enjoy.


We have an in house assistant and caterer who creates the most delicious foods. When at an Inner Light Retreat you may feel as though you don't stop eating. All the meals are healthy and satisfying and have a little bit of naughty.. 

We cater to your needs so we offer vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free options as well.

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