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Under Pressure

When I was growing up I thought it was tough but to this days standards being a teenager in the 90’s was a walk in the park. All I had to worry about was if my fringe was high enough and that my spiral perm was fresh.

These days there is the pressure to be tanned ( to the extreme) waxed, to have beautiful eyelashes, nails, makeup, all the label clothing. Manicure, pedicure, flawless skin and the hair, so then there’s the pressure to be earning money to pay for all these things.

Then you get your licence. It doesn’t cut it to drive around in a big boxy yellow xd ford falcon. ( like my girlfriends first car LEO )

No you must look good whilst driving. So either save, get mum and dad to help or get a loan.

What the media portrays as beautiful is botoxed smooth skin,big lips, big butt ( a squat for days butt) and skinny. So this breeds disorders of all kinds.

I know for myself I had issues and did not have any where near the pressure there is today.

Then comes the constant access to the media and social platforms via the internet.

Then comes the constant access to the media and social platforms via the internet.

I used to just pick up my Dolly and Cosmo every month then feel the self loathing start as I was no where near their size.

There is a shift though, which is great and things may get better before they get worse.

Change in perception. Normal everyday women are starting to be recognised for their beauty, brains and creativity. Role models can be any shape or size colour or age and it’s great to see that. Women are not relying on men to make a living for them they are getting out and creating a life that they are proud of.

I see it changing.

There are companies out there supplying workout wear, sexy underwear, clothing for xs and plus size ( it was so hard if you weren’t in the “normal category ” to get Nice things To wear. Look and we all like to look nice and feel good.

Yes it’s ok to want to look good but I just think that the pressure is incredible and we should embrace what we have and embrace the same of others and stop trying to change who we are to suit a mould

Heres hoping to a better future for the generations to come.


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