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11 Amazing Probiotic Foods for Gut Health

! Yoghurt: Most famous of the probiotic foods, wether you like Greek, Full fat or low fat you need to just look for the Live cultures on the label. Some people cannot eat it unless it has fruit added and this is ok just be sure to keep it below 15 grams of sugar, as sugar can feed your bad bugs in your stomach. 2 Kefir: If you are lactose intolerant you could start on Kefir, this smooth slightly tangy shippable yoghurt. Start slowly and if you do not have any issues go ahead and up your intake. It is 99% lactose free and good for those sensitive tummies. Also full of dozens of different types of live cultures.

3 Miso Paste: From aged preserved soy beans this paste is brimming with probiotics. You can buy miso paste in a bunch of different colours (red, yellow, white and brown) darker the colour the deeper the taste. Miso is a fantastic way to add an earthy taste to your meals and has loads of fibre, protein and fibre as well as vitamin K in it.

4 Kombucha Tea: Fizzy Tangy and almost vinegary tasting. Kombucha gets its natural fizz from the scoby (the floaty that is floating around in the bottle) which is bacteria and yeast which ferment the drink creating probiotics

5 Saurkraut: This baby is a cabbage condiment. You can usually find this guy on a burger or on a hotdog. You can find canned products but they are mainly covered in vinegar to keep the product. For the best choose fresh or home made and always look for live cultures on the label.

6 Sour dough Bread: This Chewy slightly sour (hence the name) bread is one of the healthiest breads you can have. It is made with lactic acid starter which has strains of lactobacillius Which is a friendly bacteria that adds good microbe.

7 Tempeh; This is made with fermented soy beans and formed into a cake like shape This is a nuttier and tangier version of tofu and can be cut up and used for sandwiches, stir-fry's and the like.

8 Cultured Soy Milk/ Soy yoghurt: This is another way to get your probiotic fix and is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Soy milk is fortified with vitamin D and calcium which makes it comparable to other yoghurts. This also is full of live active cultures. If you are also looking for alternatives almond milk and coconut milk have probiotics.

9 Kimchi: This is a Korean staple relies on lactic acid fermentation to turn cabbage and other vegetables into a spicy pungent side dish packed with vitamin C.

10 Kvass: A traditional Russian drink that today is fermented beetroot or fruit and vegetable juices.

11 Lassi: if you have been to an Indian restaurant you may have seen this smoothie type drink on the menu. It is made with yoghurt, milk, fruit honey and cardamom. f you want to try at home you can pick it up from Dahlicious and each drink has over 15 billion live probiotics per serve.

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