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Benefits of Turmeric

Anti Inflammatory

Natural Antibiotic

Natural Antiseptic

Helps with Fat Metabolism and Weight Management

Anti arthritic

Has been known to slow progression of MS

Can help with side effects of Chemotherapy

Improves digestion

Helps to lower cholesterol

Helps to prevent some cancers

Aids healing of stomach ulcers

Prevents progression of Alzheimer's

Improves skin conditions

Strengthens ligaments

Protects against UV damage

Boosts Cognitive function

Boosts Detoxification

Promotes Healthy Mood Balance

Supports Cardiovascular function

Other Healing Spices are:





How do I have my turmeric?

Lattes, smoothies, in stir-fries and curries you can add turmeric to almost anything.

Just have a look on Pinterest and the lists are endless.

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