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She Threw away all of her masks

To be vulnerable and to share what is really happening is a scary thing. It can make you look weak or show your flaws and even that you have failed. But it is something I choose to do because in this world there are a lot of people out there feeling that they aren't perfect and that they have to be.

Feeling that they cannot live up to what social media portrays, of the perfect home, the perfect parenting, the perfect work-life balance, the stylish, clean, organised mother. Who never wigs out, never gets stressed or overwhelmed or frazzled or feels crazy.

I try to show how I really am, how I really live. That I get lost, I feel sad and overwhelmed and like my brain is a washing machine. That I get frustrated, that my house looks, most of the time like a bomb hit it and that I need to work on areas of myself and that is ALL ok. And it is also ok to NOT share that about yourself, It is ok to keep things to yourself and not share everything. You will be glad that I don't share everything. 😜

The reason I am vulnerable and share with you is because I want to lead the way. I want you to know that you are not alone and that you are not doing this alone. That I am not perfect and yes, I have certainly grown and developed ways to make my life more stress free but in saying that I still have my days. We ALL have those days. One of the most common comments that I get from my clients, people in our facebook community The VibeTribe, and random people who are watching my posts, is that they like that I am real, that I am open and so honest about my journey and that is what makes them follow me. I won't change this about me because it is who I am and I am helping mothers to see themselves in a different way. I am helping women feel supported and to feel more confident in the way they are showing up for themselves and their families.

NO one is perfect. No one should be it would be an awfully boring existence if we all were. Embrace the imperfect you.

If you want to share I would love for you too,if not that is more than ok too. Do you feel like you have to put on a front for others? And how so?

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