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The closer you are to alignment the calmer your life feels.

I cannot count How many times have I done something I didn't want to! How many times I have said yes to things I didn't agree with. How many times I said no when I wanted to say yes.

I bet you may have found yourself at one time or another doing the same.

As I grow older, as I grow more confident in myself and my abilities and knowing what I want from my life and to do with my time and energy it is easier to become more aligned with what I believe in. What I want from my life and the people in it. Who I want to spend my time with. What kinds of things interest me. WhT kinds of things don't. Doesn't mean I don't do somethings I don't really want to but most of the time I'm spending my hours doing what makes me happy and brings me joy. Don't get me wrong it took me a long time to get here but boy oh boy it's nice.

Are you still living your life doing things you feel you have to do for the sake of judgement or are you trying to live life in alignment for you?

Erin xx

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