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How would you nurture her if you were the mother of a little you

When we think of it this is way I feel it changes a lot. Well it did for me. Reading Louise Hays book "you can heal your life " certainly is helping me heal mine. Looking at how I talk to myself, how I treat myself and looking at it as if I were my daughter or myself as a child makes me angry. I would never say the cruel things that I say to myself to a child actually to anyone. I would never treat them the way I do either. So why do we do that. Why do I do that. Why do I think it's ok to do that. It isn't and no one is going to thrive or grow or blossom or shine in that kind of environment. This is why I decided that I need to treat myself a hell of a lot nicer. A hell of a lot kinder and I need to nurture and love who I am. Since I have started to do this, it's a nicer place to live. It's less tense, yes I have my days, my times where I bear myself up but I catch myself and rephrase or re frame it. Not all of the time but most of the time and that's become my habit. Catching the mean things I say and FLIP THE SCRIPT. When I glance in the mirror and don't like what I see and when I start to think mean thoughts I simply tell myself that I need to work on moving more and it's ok I will get there ( I am real about my feelings but offer a solution)

I often in these situations see myself as a young child and see that I just need love, and kindness.

It's a great exercise to try especially if you are one for beating yourself up all the time.

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