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Have you found Happiness in your Bathroom Scales YET???

Have you found happiness in your bathroom scales yet my guess is Most likely no! And more than likely you never will. Time to start loving you. Start feeling good.

Time to Make peace with your body and who you are. It's time to re learn the truth. We have been conditioned to believe that there is an ideal image an ideal way to be, a way to look, a size to be. Are your eyebrows perfect? Is your face perfectly flawless?

The truth is think about it, the here are a very small percentage who are the ideal and I bet they don't think they are the ideal and are striving for what that are as the ideal. The price we pay to be the ideal, we are pricked and tucked, and waxed and pulled and tanned and cinched, bleached and pumped. Times change and the ideal changes. What if the ideal was just to be us. To be our beautiful selves, to be natural and free to be who and what we want for ourselves. The media shows us what the ideal is at this time and we follow along. At one stage it was to be heroin chic aka Kate moss, now it's to be toned in all the right places but to have curves on the right places too ( Kardashian) I like that curves are in I think that's great but what about those who aren't naturally curvy, those that are more athletic or who are thin and cannot for the life of them gain curves. It goes both ways. How about embracing the body as it is. In all forms.

We Can't see the beauty in ourselves because we've been taught to first see what we don't have what we are lacking. We need to turn that around

I am very much about living a healthy life and trying to FEEL good and being healthy is also about your mental health, if you are always focused on the scales, your weight, that you can't lose it or you can't put on, the calories you've eaten, the calories you've burned then your mental health suffers. If you are trying to eat healthy nourishing foods that give your body energy, that give your body the right nutrients and you are moving your body to get the blood and endorphins flowing and to be able to use your body in better ways then that is so much nicer than punishing or restricting yourself.

I know myself that I have changed in that respect, yes over the last few months I have regained a lot of the weight I lost and I don't like it because firstly I don't FEEL good. I don't move around as well, I struggle to get up from the floor My clothes are tight and uncomfortable I am sluggish and have limited energy I'm not confident because I feel terrible I'm bloated My skin is dry. My back hurts But I am focused on getting back to a FEELING not a size. FEELING good FEELING nourishment FEELING energised FEELING comfortable FEELING good in my clothes (whatever size they are) FEELING confident FEELING fit FEELING mental clarity FEELING love and pride that I'm respecting myself enough

to take care of me, inside and out and that has NOTHING to do with scales, a size, or if my eyebrows are on fleek.

The most important thing is do you FEEL good. Are you happy? 😊 Let's change the ideal to being our own kind of ideal. To there being NO IDEAL. To embrace everyone for who they are and how they want to be.

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