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If I let myself give into fear where would I be

If I let myself give into my fear then I would not have been able to grow.

If I had given into my fear of looking stupid I would not have been able to learn,

If I had given I, the fear of playing small then I wouldn't have had the chance to thrive.

If I had given into my fear of, Who am I to Teach/lead/guide then I wouldn't have had the chance to help people.


I still have fear and I always will it won't just disappear but the more I push through the braver I become. The more I take action the more confident in myself I become.

I have taken the leap and am just doing it ( as Nike says to do) and because I am, because I dared to give it a go things are aligning. Yes I've had failures but to me they were stepping stones, lessons and will I have more of these? YES. And I'm glad because how else will I grow. How else will I learn. I think once you just take the dive the universe sees your giving it a good hard crack and it will support you. However that plays out. The test there is to trust. Trust that it is all going to work out how it should.

My end goal was to be running retreats. I had planned that when I was ready, when I was trained enough, when I had the followers, the clients, enough exposure I would be hosting holistic wellness retreats. Well I decided ( finally) that I wasn't waiting. I was just going to do it. Now I had hesitation as to if people would come, People would be interested but after putting it out there for only a week it's half full. The interest has been incredible and if I hadn't taken the leap I would never have known. I am proud of myself. I have come a very long way from the scared of what people will think girl I was. Of the woman who didn't want to show she was stupid. Or the woman who was afraid to fail.

Take a leap of faith. Trust in yourself enough to just go for whatever it is you desire.


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