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When Life Gives You Lemons.....

When Life gives you lemons it is GOOD.

You think that by adding a slice of lemon to your water you may not be making a major impact to your health but you would be wrong. Lemons have so many benefits so you should start adding a slice to your water.


Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C. One lemon contains around 51% of the daily intake.

Research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C is known to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.

Lemons are also high in several plant compounds that reduce cholesterol.


Lemons have been put on the list of foods that can help with weight loss. They have soluble pectin fibre in them which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

They can help with reducing kidney stones. Kidney stones are small lumps that crystallize when waste builds up in the kidneys. The citric acid in lemons may help with the PH in the urine creating a more balanced environment in the kidneys, creating a less favorable environment for kidney stones.

Lemons can help with anemia promoting absorption of iron from plant based foods.

Your gut absorbs iron from Chicken, fish and meat really easily. This is know as heme iron. Non heme iron from plant based foods doesn't absorb as easily but uping you intake of vitamin C and Citrus foods help with the absorption of non heme iron.

It may help with reducing risk of Cancer. Eating a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables may help prevent some cancers.

In some animal studies some plant chemicals found in lemons have been shown to prevent cancer.


Lemons are made up of 10% Carbs mostly in the form or simple sugars and soluble fibre. The main Fibre in lemons is Pectin which is linked to many health benefits.

Soluble fiber can improve gut health and slow the digestion of sugars and starches. To get the benefits from lemon you need to be eating the pulp.

Lemons contain several Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C


Vitamin B6

Other plant compounds:

Citric Acid The most abundant organic acid in lemons (may help with prevention of kidney stones)

Hesperidin: Antioxidant to strengthen blood vessels

Diosmin: An antioxidant used in some drugs that effect the circulatory system. Improves vascular muscle tone and reduces chronic inflammation in the blood vessels.

Eriocitrin: Antioxidant found in the peel and juice

D- Limonene: Found primarily in the peel and used in essential oils. Can help relieve heart burn and re flux.

Lemons are also a wonderful cleaning product....

Erin Sharwood xx

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