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The Rise - Danette May

When I bought this book I just thought that it was going to be all about health and wellness and Danette' s Entrepreneurial journey which I was so very interested in and she does go into it and talks about the work, the work it took to be successful but it was so much more than that.

I had no idea is was going to make me cry a few times. Make me feel so deeply for her and also be in awe of what she has been through, and how she has developed and grown and moved through so elegantly what she has come up against.

I follow her on Facebook and for a while i wanted to be just like her. But I realise I have my own mission my own way of delivering it and although there are parts of me that want what she has there are parts of me that know my path is a lot different. This book had me hooked. I again bought it on Audible, (which is so good for me because I can multitask and listen as I work or drive) I listened to this book in two days. What a wonderful spiritual journey she took and what a wonderful story teller she is. This woman has had an awakening and has had some pretty hard challenges to face but one thing is she never ever gave up. She kept on pushing through. Being brought up in a strict religion and then finding her own path. Going against all she had been brought up to think that was right and was the way she found her path and it is just such a wonderful journey she takes you on.

I loved every second of this book.


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