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5 Best Meditation Apps

When I first started meditating I was not great at it. My mind wandered and I had squirrel brain. I was on edge, couldn't relax and just simply could not sit for very long, My mind kept reminding me of what I had to get done. The washing, The vacuuming and all the things that would actually wait.

I was given the advice of trying to do a guided meditation. Listening to someone talk you through the meditation..

This for me was a game changer. I now enjoyed meditation. I could stay on track and each time my mind wandered I was brought back by the sound of the guides voice. Still to this day I prefer to do guided meditations. There are so many different kinds of meditation and for different things. Sometimes I want to just set an intention, other times I want to do some deep healing work or chat to my spirit guides. So using the guided meditations help me to achieve what it is that I want to focus on for that day.

Here is my list of best Meditation Apps:

1 Insight timer. ★★★★★

This is my number one. This app is a Free app. I use this ALL the time. There are many different types of meditation and areas to use. Each time you do a meditation it gets logged. And it shows others around the world who are meditating with you at the same time. I must admit you will find some voices that you cannot stand to listen to that don't make you feel relaxed but I just switch if I need to but this has only happened twice since I have been using this APP This has over 4500 meditations, lessons and relaxing music.

2. Headspace ★★★★★

This app is great for beginners It is free for a trial period and in that period you have access to exercises that will help a newbie in meditation practice. It also has a personal progress page.

3. Calm ★★★★★

This is a free trial app also. This app has breathing techniques as well as meditations and also exercises to use at the start and end of the day. The meditations range from 3-25 minutes. And have sleep stories or soothing sounds.

4. Smiling Mind. ★★★★★

This is one for the kids to enjoy. There are meditations for a range of ages starting at around 7 years of age. You can create different accounts for all those in the family and this is a wonderful one for teachers to use in their classrooms.

5. Gaia ★★★★★

This is a subscription based app and does offer a free trial also. This has so much more than meditation, It has yoga and music, documentaries and courses. Very good for those who are interested in the other aspects. It has over 8000 titles. I think it is around 12.95 AU a month subscription.

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