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Zen Meditation

Meditation is such a wonderful tool to use for self exploration, awakening, relaxation and stress relief. There are many types of meditations here are a list of some:

Buddhist meditations.

Zen meditation is dated back to the tang dynasty in 7th century china. Zen meditation is traditional Buddhist meditation practice that is done by seasoned and new mediators.

Zen trains the mind to achieve calmness.

All schools of Zen practice the sitting meditation called zazen means (seated Zen, or seated meditation) where one sits upright and follows the breath, especially the movement of the breath within the belly. Some schools of Zen also practice with koans, a type of spiritual riddle that is presented by a Zen meditation master to the student, to help them overcome their rational limitations so as to glimpse the truth beyond rationality. A famous koan is “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Traditionally, this practice requires a supportive connection between a genuine Zen master and a genuinely dedicated student.

Zen practice benefits are: providing tools to help cope with depression and anxiety issues. The deepest purpose is spiritual, as the practice of Zen meditation uncovers clarity and function of the mind. In Zen, experiencing this original nature of mind is experiencing awakening.

Focus on the position and breath is the main focus for this meditation aiding concentration


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