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You could say that we tend to stay stuck we tend to repeat old patterns again and again and that is because there is something that is needed to be healed there.

I had a conversation with one of my best friends about this and it has come up for me again today in the card and also I have come to a realisation that patterns that I have previously kept on repeating are not longer serving me and that I was always one to give up. When things got hard I would quit. I would just give up and resign myself to the fact that is was all too hard and just not worth the effort. I have found that during my self discovery. That I have alot of old wounds that need healing and if most of us start to look we all more than likely do. I am not the only one and in terms of hardship I don't have it hard at all. But there are things that keep me stuck. Keep me playing small, keep me from shining my light.

I was drawing some cards for myself from the Rebecca Campbell work you light deck and it was so funny that there is and has been since being on my journey a reoccuring theme. And that is that I need to be shining my light. In stepping out, in being a leader I am shining my light on the path for others to then shine theirs. And to me that is everything. To me that is where the passion lies. What if everyone had belief in themselves. What if everyone started doing things that lit them up. What if we all banded together and lit up the world together.

As I write this my heart is pounding. I feel so much energy and love inside my chest. For me to shine I need to release. I need to let go of the fear. Let go of past stories, contracts, patterns and release my soul from all of it. BECOMING UNBOUND.

I understand that it takes work and that I don't know it all and I feel the reason I need to step forward NOW is because there are people who are just like me, just like I was who need me to lead the way just for a little while until they find the spark. Until they find the way they want to go. I am in no way shape or form professional and a guru. I am a girl who looks in the mirror and is day by day learning to love herself more. Learning to see deeper than face value. Learning to love every cell, molecule and most importantly love my soul. If I look passed all the physical stuff I know that my soul is perfect. Perfect for me.

So here is to becoming unbound. Released. Fearless and most of all the Light.


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