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Daily Practices for Self Care

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Feed your mind with positive thoughts and activities.

Play more. Spend time doing things that light you up. That fuel your spirit, that make you smile, laugh or feel joy. Dance, listen to music, get outside in nature. Spend time with friends. Make a list of things you love to do. You can add to this list as you go, each time you think to yourself. This makes me happy. I love doing this. I love spending time with this person, add it to your list and make sure you are doing these things ALOT.

Take time out to spend in the quiet.

Spending time by yourself so you can hear yourself think. So that you can quiet the mind, get in touch with your feelings. Meditate. Journal. Ask yourself questions you want answered. To organise your thoughts.

Move your body

Such an important part of self care that we forget about it. We forget to view this as self care and most of us view it as punishment or pain. the thing is you are more than likely doing what you think your should be doing rather than what you like to do or that your body likes. You of course can push yourself at times but if the purpose is to get you off the couch then just start small. Move around your garden. Walk the dog around the block. My theory is once you get moving you are more likely to feel good and want to keep going. So the key is to getting up off your butt and moving one step at a time.


simple but ever so effective. Our bodies are made up of 60% water so when we are dehydrated and depleted all kinds of things can happen. WE need to keep our brains hydrated so we don't get fatigued, our clarity is sharper and we are focused. 8 glasses is good to start.

Eat WEll

Nutrition is different for each of us but the main thing is processed foods, foods high in sugar and trans fats and toxins are not good for us FULL STOP,. Try eating as close to nature as possible and try to avoid ( i was told this once and the principal of it I loved) the middle Aisles of the supermarket. Listen to your body. Tap into what feels good when you eat it. (energy wise and how your body reacts)


Focusing on our breath isn't something we do very often. We breathe with out a second thought. think of it this way as you breath in deep breath filling your diaphragm with air imagine good energy going into your body and as you breathe out imagine all old, Stagnant toxic energy being released.

If you are interested in more coaching or interested in joining our mindfulness classes contact me for more details.

ERin xx

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