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Important tips on finding the right retreat for you

Hey ladies.... So looking to take a break?

Looking to get away for a week or a weekend or even a day to fill up your cup. Well there are a few things to look for before choosing a retreat.

Firstly What is you intention? What are you looking to get out of it? How do you want to feel walking away from your retreat? How will a retreat get you results you are needing?

It may be a spiritual connection you are searching for. Maybe a connection to yourself. It could be health and well being, It may even be you just need to de stress.

There are so many different styles of retreats. There are spiritual and healing retreats

There are retreats that have different experiences planned for you. Hiking retreats, Christian retreats. Health Retreats, Detox Retreats. Writing retreats, Business Retreats. Silent retreats.

Spa and pamper Retreats, Retreats for foodies, Retreats for adventurers, Nature retreats, Retreats on a ranch or in the bush, resort retreats

ones that are all about Group and community or more of a Solitude event. There are retreats where you have the choice to attend different workshops. Ones where it is just yoga and meditation and the rest is up to you. There are many kinds and it is just up to each individual which suits you best.

Find one that suits your individual needs

Research and see if testimonials of others who have attended on of the retreats you are looking at doing.

Ask Questions. are there transfers involved? do you have to pay for certain meals. Are there extra costs involved? Do they cater to allergies and offer food variations, Such as Vegan, Gluten free etc..

Meet or contact the retreat organiser and have a conversation about what you would like to get from the retreat. If they are happy to converse with you or your concerns of what you want then they are probably a good fit. It is their job to provide you with an experience. Sometimes it may not be a good fit so just find out if it is. You need to feel comfortable with the facilitator. You don't want to spend a week with someone that you just don't vibe with.

all in all retreats are a very individual thing and there are so many variations on them these days that you can choose one that is suited to your needs and your intentions..

Look around and find what feels right for you....

Erin xx

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