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Top 7 Favorite Instagram accounts.

I realised that I follow A LOT of people or accounts on Instagram.A Lot I have been getting it down but I seriously was following over 5000 accounts. I am not down to 3 but as I have been unfollowing I have my favourites that I just will not unfollow. Here is my list of my favourite Instagram accounts.

Jillian Harris @jillianharris

Interior designer Love it or list it, Canada. She appeared on the Bachelor and Bachelorette this is where I first fell in love with her down to earth personality. I then had to find her and Instagram and her blog were where she was at.

What I love about her Instagram feed is the gorgeous pictures she takes and the fact that she does everything from healthy eating, having fun with her friends, her home is amazing and her design is second to none. I love her stories as she doesn't worry about her messy hair or the fact that real life is happening around her. She never pretends that she has it all together she shows us her team and life as it is happening. she shares her personal downfalls and wins. I just purchased her presets to use on my own Instagram feed. Go over to her blog to find all of her goodness.

Sophia El'Rae @sophia.elrae

I love Sophia el rae's Instagram one because of her hair.. Omg her hair is AMAZING. she is an influencer but for me it is all about the colours, the children and her photos. This account is absolutely a piece of art. Her tones are rusty and teal and each picture just drags you in. Her blog is Cultivate motherhood you should go over and check it out it is gorgeous too. What I also love about Sophia is that she often shares on her stories other instagram accounts that she really admires. This is how I find so many gorgeous accounts and why I am following so many.

Kelly Le Veque @Bewellbykelly

So Kelly le veque came onto my radar because I bought her book Body Love. this book totally changed the game for me when it comes to nutrition. the way she simplifies it and makes it so do able for the average joe is just my style. I have read this book 3 times now and absolutely recommend it to everyone. Kelly has the science background as she was working in a cancer facility and as she was always giving advice to her friends her husband suggested she change careers and I think it was a great choice as she is now one of the top nutritionists and helps countless celebrities and clients reach their health goals through clean eating and the principal of Fats, Fibres, Greens and Protein in each and every meal.

Grace White @aSoutherndrawl

I love grace. I have always come across her pictures on pinterest, when I was saving workout style inspiration. I followed her over to instagram and realised that she was a style guru. I love her relaxed lied back kind of vibe and like that she can go from workout to day look to evening glam. I only recently started following her on instagram but I am a follower from way back on pinterest.

lola berry @Yummylolaberry

Yoga clean eating public figure Aussie girl. I love lola because she is just so australian. So very much salt of the earth and speaks in such a way that is totally cools. She is young vibrant and has her own vegan cafe. She is spiritual she is light she is fun and she is doing wonderful things in this world. She has a collection of recipe books with amazing smoothies and other recipes that are clean and wholesome. She also is an avid YOGI Love ya work lola.....

Andee Love @andeelove_

Ok where do I begin. So I met (virtually) in spirit junkie masterclass. She was one of the alumni who had done the masterclass beforehand. She also had Gabby Bernstein as her coach. I have followed Andee on Facebook for a long time and have watched her just bloom. She is such a magnetic soul and what she is doing in this world is not unlike what I aspire to do. To make change, to be the light to run epic retreats all over the world and to call in my soul tribe. I have watched her and have taken her courses and am in her private group. I will one day work with her in some capacity as she is a beacon of light that I would like to be around. She is spiritual, she is kind, generous, abundant and making an impact......

Emma Jane @emmajanefit

so I purely follow Emma for inspiration. she is everything that screams health and vitatlity to me. She works hard but lives what she preaches. She is fun, vibrant, healthy happy all of the things I strive for. Now I don't want to be her.( like in my younger day i would have felt the pressure to be exactly like her ) but I love the energy, the vibe and she inspires me to be a more active version of me.

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