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Basic guide to starting a podcast

Podcasts are so cool. They are the in thing. So many people have podcast channels and I personally LOVE the podcast. I love listening to all different kinds of channels and content on things from love, to self development, spirituality to murder. You can find a podcast for any topic you desire.

Have you thought of starting a podcast?

Have you thought, I would love to start a podcast but I don't know how? I don't have the skills?

Um well let me tell you, Yes you do. It is one of the easiest (technological) thing I have set up.

I used a platform called Anchor. It is FREE which is even better and it shares your episodes to over 11 platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Stitcher and more.

What do you need. Well it is really very simple. You need a phone and the internet.

With Anchor they have a button to immediately record. You can add backing music and sound effects. You can even add messages from listeners to your episodes.

I have not yet purchased a microphone and I record all my episodes via the recording button on Anchor on just on my voice recorder on my phone. I do this because I have not yet found a way on anchor to edit some of the recordings although you can record short segments and join them all together. I will only record using Anchor on my phone as it is a much better quality sound. If I had a microphone it would more than likely be a better quality from my PC. Again though I prefer to use my voice recorder so I can make small edits. I don't edit alot as I like to be how I am and people now know that is the way I am so if I make a mistake I own it.

I will then send my recording to drop box and add it to the download section in Anchor on my PC.

I have a pre recorded intro and outro and just add them in each time as they are saved in the Library in Anchor. Then you can press publish once you have added your downloads. Either publishing then and there or you can pre schedule them which I find is another great tool.

I really love this platform because it is super simple to use. There may be other ones that are similar but this is the first one I tried and it was so simple why would I change. You can also share the platforms you would like to share so I share my channel link for iTunes alot but if you share the Anchor link people can then choose how they listen.

I hope that that was helpful. I have been asked a few times about it and thought it was a good time to share.

My podcast is Vibe Tribe Radio if you are curious and would like to go over and have a listen.

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