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A lot of the work I do is around energy healing. Some of you that know me know that each week I am diving into something new, adding something to my list of tools and you know what that is all well and good because I love learning and love to expand… The thing is it becomes confusing when it comes to having a specific niche. A specific thing that I am known for.

During this time of covid as you may know, if you have been following along that I felt really called to listen for 2020 and covid has allowed that space for nothing but listening. The thing is I have only been half listening. I was on a call with a spiritual mentor of mine the other day and she said what are you NOT listening to. You know I knew right away. See as I have progressed with my energy work I am more open, I hear more, see more, feel more. I am alive, I feel that I am at home. I love my reiki practice more than ANYTHING and have said before that it has changed my life. Changed my life in the way of being more connected to energy, to other peoples energy and it also goes beyond that.

I feel or sense things that I was a bit overwhelmed with to start with. I can pick up on stagnant energy, emotions, trauma, wounds, blocks and connections to spirit and messages that the person may need to hear.

See the thing that I was NOT listening to was that I need to SIMPLIFY, and to be quite honest I do think that I previously did a post on this. I spoke about simplifying what it is I do. See for me the reiki and the energy healing, Chakradance and meditation are where it is at for me.

Before Covid I had not done many distance/ remote, reiki sessions and wasn’t sure how that would work if the person was not there with you. But energy is not contained in certain perimeters and the ones that I have now done as just as powerful as in person. I have regulars that come back week after week to have their session with me.

I just started my own online store SUNSHINE AND SAGE which is a conscious online boutique, with products such as my candle range, jewelry, journals, organic beauty products, crystals. Initially I added tees and mugs also but I was doing what I always do and overcomplicating things. So I have now just left it to the first initial products which are all conscious products but in the creation of this store I realised that when I make my candles that is also an energy exchange. I create these with intention, not just for the person to take home light and smell. No these candles are a healing tool. They are a beacon of energy for the home, office or studio. They are emitting radiant energy as I individually cleanse and infuse each candle and the crystals that are added to them with reiki healing energy. Each candle has a crystal or crystals that have certain energies associated to them and then it is all sealed with the intention of love, positive energy, revitalisation and healing. So when lit it will expand throughout the entire space and energetic aura.

So on reflection the energy healing gig is where it is at for me. Yes I love my retreats, courses, workshops etc but energy healing is my Jam.

So from here on out, I will stop confusing myself, and you….

I am and intuitive energy healer and soul guide who uses Reiki Healing to help women to remove blocks, stagnant energy, trauma on an energetic level, on a deeper level. Allowing you to let go of things that you may not even be aware of. To go beneath the surface level and tap into those energies that reside in your body or your unconscious. For those who may show ancestral wounding we can then of course go into the past life therapy or inner child or womb healing work.

In the time I have been doing Reiki healing I have worked with over 100 people and each time each session is completely different. Some people come to me for overwhelm and anxiety, Some for relationship issues, some for grief. Some feel unsettled and are not entirely sure why they are there but they are always there for the perfect reason. I have helped women with fertility issues and we have had a few reiki babies, (not that I can say that the reiki entirely helped but they had tried EVERYTHING ELSE, just saying and not just one it was two ) I have had guys that also come, one my brother a massive sceptic and he is now a believer…lol…. and he is a tough nut to crack.

See each individual has their own issues going on. I have been to reiki practitioners to help me cut energetic cords with people or patterns. There is so much that energy healing can help with.

So I was writing this a post for Facebook but it is way too long so I will add this to my blog and share….

See I tend to overcomplicate things, jump in both feet and then realise I have taken on too much or that it isn’t something that brings me joy, and look I must say I am happy that I do that because the old me would sit back and not take any action at all for fear of failure and I love to fail now because it helps me see what is meant for me… It helps me sift through things that are a good idea, a bad idea and a life changing idea.

So here is to sharing more of my energy healing with you...

Love Erin xx

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