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I just wanted to punch you in the face.


Today I was prompted to go live on a subject around Triggers.

I had a client come to my studio for a Reiki healing session and in our post chat we were chatting about things and my client brought up that she has been following me for a while and that she would be following then un follow me because I was triggering her.

She explained that when I started sharing my course awaken the Goddess within and content around tuning into your inner goddess she got mad. She said that it became to much as I was coming across her feed every day either sharing or taking about the inner goddess.

She laughed and even told me that she said to herself out loud what is this Goddess shit and that she may have even wanted to punch me in the face at one stage.

See I was not at all offended by her comments in fact I welcomed them. See I know that the word Goddess to a lot of women is triggering. So much so I even changed the name of the immersion.

She went on to explain that she is now ok with it but that she was in a space where that was absurd to her. That she didn’t feel like a goddess in any way shape or form and she found it silly, but she said that now she is in a space where she doesn’t feel like a goddess but is very much so working towards connecting to who she is. See it is the word goddess that triggered her, and many women I know because they do not connect themselves with it. They do not see themselv

es this way and feel that they never will they feel that it is fairy tale stuff.

I changed the name to Wild woman because I feel that many more women would resonate with that as it is perceived in many forms where as goddess is simply that. The goddess. The essence of the goddess, and wild woman is within us all and we all should feel connected to that essence. I understood completely what this beautiful courageous lady said because I too was feeling this way.

See we often are triggered by things and get mad, we unfollow or get angry and we don’t go any further to explore why w

e are feeling so triggered. I have a few occasions where this happened to me and some I am still not ready to explore. But the point is these triggers are showing us part of ourselves that need to be healed. That we can become curious about. That if we do dig deeper we an open an awareness as to what and why we feel this way.

I have someone I know who posts videos of them sensually eating. It drives me so mad. To the point I had to mute them from my feed. It made me literally yell out loud, why the fuck are they doing that. It is fucking ridiculous. They talk about sexually pleasuring themselves and yoni eggs and I am deeply triggered by this. I have no idea why, I am open to looking at it one day but now I know I am not ready, but the first step is having the awareness that I am triggered. I am so very triggered by this.

I also was triggered emotionally will all that is going on in America with all the lives lost due to horrible circumstances and I was about to do what I always do. I can’t watch that, I can’t look at that it makes me too upset. Well hello. Poor me. What kind of privilege is that to be able to turn off the TV or to close down my phone. These people live with this every single day of their lives. I am white. I am privileged but that does not mean I need to turn a blind eye. I can educate myself. I live in Australia and there is a lot of these things happening right on our own doorstep. Things that have been happening for hundreds of years. See yes, I am triggered emotionally but it is time to turn that around and look at it face on. Learn my indigenous history. Speak out on my platforms even though I may accidently say the wrong thing. Someone will hopefully correct me (kindly I hope) and that is how I become educated.

See when we are triggered, we are really being shown ways that we can start healing those wounds or parts of us that are feeling this way. Especially if they are showing up again and again. First step is being aware. Sometimes we may not be ready to explore them but being aware is certainly a great way to start.

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