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Importance of Self Care as a Mama

Look Self care is important for all of us. I know. Not just for mothers but as a mother it can be hard to find the time to engage in self care. There are so many things to do. Pack the lunches, dress the kids, Do the dishes, washing, folding, putting away, tidy the rooms, tidy the rooms again. Vacuum, wash the dishes again for the third time and it is 9 am. Run the kids to school, go to work, Run the kids to Soccer, Karate, Music, Swimming, Dance, Art classes and the list is endless, Think about what to make for dinner, wash the dishes again. Get the kids homework sorted, spend quality time with them. Get them in the bath, get them to get in their pyjamas, get them to brush their teeth and get into bed. Sit down for 5 minutes until someone comes out of their room because they are thirsty. Get them sorted, then put the kettle on and sit and oh no up again the next one needs to go to the toilet. This goes on until you almost lose your mind and then there it is they are asleep. You sit down to engage in some much needed self care, you have just bought the new Liane Moriarty book and you open page one and your hubby sidles over. Hey..... What are you doing???? You know what he is after and it is the LAST thing that you have the energy for.......

When is it your time????

So I just made this blog very hard for myself because now I have to convince you that you need to make time to do something for you....

But in all honesty it is so important.

"Self care is giving the world the best of you, not what is left of you."

It does not have to be an entire day at the day spa although wouldn't that be nice.

It can be pockets of time to STOP. To take BREATH or to sit and do nothing.

It can be time to talk a walk with the dog or by yourself,

It can be having a bath with NO ONE trying to break down the door.

It can be READING a chapter of a book.

When you take time out for you to reset. It helps you to be a more productive, sane person. And I am NOT kidding about the sane bit. You know what I am talking about.

No seriously it helps you to feel less stressed and less reactive. It makes you feel better about yourself and in a more calm frame of mind. It gives you a good feeling that you are important too. And yes that can come from the smallest of things. Like taking 5 minutes to shower ALONE.

See as women we think that it is a selfish act to do something for ourselves. We feel that when we aren't in service for others we are lacking. We need to be busy to be doing things right.

When we are doing things for ourselves we feel guilt. The thing is we are better people when we are kind to ourselves. We are a better more nurturing mother. We are a more grounded less reactionary partner. We are lighter. More happy and less gets on top of us. So we are actually being selfish not looking after ourselves.

So find some time it can be as little as five minutes to do something for you. ANYTHING that is going to make you feel good.

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