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Updated: Oct 4, 2019


The girls all arrived on Friday to a glass of wine and a delicious afternoon tea created by Tahlia

Over the weekend the girls had a chance to relax on the lounge. Sit in the sunshine and read their books there was even a chance for a Nana nap if you wanted. They also had workshops that tested them, that made them think, that helped them get in touch with their emotions, see where they were blocked or stilted or notice things that they hadn't about themselves. They moved their bodies to music, they moved their bodies in restorative yoga. They all had an individual reiki healing. They never stopped eating and laughed hard, and cried hard...

I also had such transformative experience. When I first started my retreats. I was doing all the things you do. You know the ones the self sabotaging ones....Telling myself "who was I to run workshops?" " Why would they listen to me?" Would they think I was stupid? What if I totally TANK.

Our end meditation....

I hired other people to do workshops because of the fears I had, and while I am glad I did because it was also part of my journey, this weekend was wholly and soully ME leading the entire weekend. (apart from the YOGA, which is my slice of relaxation for the weekend) and Tahlia catering and preparing all the food.

See this retreat was also on the back of me resigning from my full time job which I had wanted to do for a year, almost two. So to say that I am PROUD is an understatement. To say that I see how much I have changed, how much the fear has shifted and that I have moved into a space of service a place of pure faith, a space of courage, a space of confidence and also belief of my abilities is an understatement.

The gift for me is seeing what the girls get from each retreat. Seeing them ignite that spark within, to start seeing themselves in a different light for them to move into their POWER. It may start small but I have seen it time and time again from the girls who attend I see them going on and pursuing happiness in ways that light them up. SELF BELIEF. SELF LOVE . HEALTH. HEALING AND POWER TO CARE FOR THEMSELVES how they NEED to..

NOW THAT is where I get my PASSION. THAT is what lights me up. Seeing them see that in themselves.

So it was not only for them it was also for Me.. (every time)

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