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Such power comes from the quiet.

I used to be so loud, so out there so much about look at me look at me but it was because I didn’t feel as though I was enough. It was all for show. It was a mechanism to make me feel ok with myself.

I needed external validation where ever I could get it. I searched high and low for a hit.... I spent my entire life searching outside of myself for a way to feel worthy. I craved attention and I didn’t even realise it. When I started on my own personal growth and business journey I set my goals high. I set my sites on being on stage. Selling bestsellers and travelling the world talking about them. If you know me well you will know I have a paralyzing fear of public speaking ( I know it wouldn’t seem so) so why would I aim to get up on stages and talk to thousands of people. In my mind it was because then I would be a success, which I have recently dissected what success means to me. The thing is the more I have come back to me. The more i have become still and I have listened the more I realise that I have all I need. That I don’t need to have those far out outlandish goals ( that I probably would hate) and you know what it is ok to have big goals too. But right now I realise I have gifts and talents that I am exploring and I am worthy. I always have been. I always had the love I needed. I always had the power within it was just believing in myself. It was finding that light and embracing it. It has taken work and continues to take work but I’m willing to just keep chipping away. You are worthy of everything you long for and more.

Erin xx

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