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Ways to Balance your Sacral Chakra

“E-motions are energy in motion. If they are not expressed, the energy is repressed. As energy it has to go somewhere. Emotional energy moves us, as does all energy. To deny emotion is to deny the ground and vital energy of life.” John Bradshaw

The Sacral Chakra is all about the emotions. This Chakra is located above the pelvis area in the lower part of the stomach. Under the belly button area. It is connected with The Feminine and sexuality. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana which translates as 'sweetness' and the colour associated with it is Orange.

The Sacral Chakra is one that is connected to not only sexuality but of nurturing ourselves through simple pleasures such as self care, good nourishing food, rest and time.

The sacral chakra is that of the feminine, it is in both women and men.

Facets of the feminine – nurturing, sensual, wise, creator, child-bearing, devouring, dark, seductive, untamed, ferocious, wild.

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked we often feel that we are not in flow. That can show up as our bodies contracting. We could lacking passion in our lives, in all areas. You could also be suffering from an imbalance where there is too much energy in this Chakra and therefore you are over sensitive and could be moody. This can manifest in perpetual states of crisis, an excessive sex drive, or a craving for constant excitement and stimulation.

Some Questions you could ask yourself to find out if you are imbalanced could be?

Do you express your emotions clearly?

Are you in touch with your feelings?

Do you set appropriate boundaries for yourself?

Do you move towards Change or do you resist it?

What are you passionate about?

Ways to balance the Sacral Chakra


Water is one way to tune into this chakra.

Set yourself up a bathtime ritual and spend time within the water in Meditation.

Fill the bath and light some candles. Making a beautiful ambiance. Adding soft music if this is what you like.

Once you have filled the bath, before entering focus on the water and set the intention and ask if this healing water could heal the deepest pain within you. The pain could be anything. It could be physical, emotional, it could be something you may not even be aware of. Really take your time to focus on the water becoming a healing vessel for you. Step into the bath and immerse yourself in the healing water. Letting it wash over you body. Feel yourself being enveloped and comforted by the water and let it heal what it needs to heal.


Pleasure is a good and valuable part of my life.

I give myself permission to fully enjoy my sexuality.

I allow abundance and prosperity into my life.

I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.

I am open to experiencing the present moment through my senses.

The universe is full of sweetness and beauty.


Take a few minutes each day visualising a vibrant orange light drawing in as you breathe in and out as you breath out. Visualise it reaching your sacral chakra and filling it with this gorgeous healing orange light.


Carnelian and coral are the associated crystals of the sacral chakra.

Carnelian raises awareness of feelings while coral helps to calm the sacral chakra. You may choose to carry the crystals with you, sleep with them next to your bed or hold them during meditation.

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