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Ways to connect to your Inner Goddess

We all have goddess that is within us. She may just be lying dormant waiting to be remembered. Waiting for you to connect with her. For you to see her. To feel her. She is part of you and you are part of her. She has been with you always and just waits for you to remember.

There are ways to reconnect with your inner goddess. There are ways to connect and tune in.


Listen to what your Inner self has to say. Listen carefully. What is it you want? What do you need? What do you want to feel? How do you want to show up? What lights you up and brings you joy?

Slowing down, tuning in to your own inner vibration. Listen and she will reveal what she needs.


Start using positive language about yourself. Be kind be gracious be compassionate to who you are. Use language that is uplifting, supportive and that will move you to a higher vibrational state.

We are our own worst critics. We are the most unkind to ourselves. It is time to start seeing yourself for all of the good qualities that you have. For all of the unique qualities you have. Start using the mirror as a tool to really see yourself. (it is harder said than done, I know) See your beauty. See your kindness. See your creativity. Become aware of you generosity, your intelligence. See beyond the things you focus on negatively. See beyond that and embrace all the good that you are.


Find things that make you happy. Surround yourself with things that light you up that make you feel good and light up your soul. Do things that make you laugh. Dance, sing, play, cook, create. Surround yourself with things that you find beautiful. Flowers, artwork, clothes, shoes, decor, nature. Enjoy time with those who bring the best out in you. Who support you who lift your energy, and you have fun with.


Nourish your mind body and soul

Eat well, move, meditate, laugh, play, take time out, spend time with loved ones, read, learn, be quiet, breathe. Listen to what you need and do more of that. Limit negative energy from your life.

Meditate. Do yoga, walk, skip, dance, take a long bath, go to the movies, create, write, paint, cook.

Spend time doing things just for you. Even if it is one minute of silence. Even if it is dry body brushing your body or smothering your body in a beautifully scented lotion, having a cup of tea outside. It is important to take the time out for you and do things that nourish you.

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