Reiki Intention Candles 




 Magic flows where intention goes... Candle magic illuminates an intention and releases it into your world. Lighting candles is one of the most ancient and traditional ways to let the universe know specifically what you want.

When you focus your intention into the candle you infuse it with soul and energy. The magic begins with the intention. It is the key to any ritual or magical practice.

Each intention works for your highest good, using reiki and intuition. Consciously setting an intention sets off an energetic vibration, then each candle is hand poured with a sacred purpose and infused with Crystal healing that will match the individual intention.

When you receive your candle and light it for the first time this will set off the intention fully to work with universal power and energy for your highest good.

Setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity and manifesting what it is you intend to call into your life.

Everything we do starts with the vibrational energy of intention. From that intention comes the thoughts, words and actions that become our life. These thoughts, words and actions draw situations and people into our life. It is all connected and starts with intention.

When you purchase one of our products you are acknowledging the flow from specific intention through you and into the world. You acknowledge that you are setting your energy to a state where your thoughts, words and actions will begin to shift and follow through to the fulfillment of that intention, even if you don’t know how it will happen. Trust that each candle is charged with a specific energy and vibration to allow the shift to begin from the moment you purchase your product.

Taking action to purchase is already aligning your energy to receive.

These candles are hand poured, soy wax, reiki and crystal infused candles. Burn time is around 35 hours. 

 When you purchase your candle of choice you will receive a digital download with and invocation or exercise to use with your candle. 

Self love 


 This self love reiki infused intention candle is for you if you are seeking a deeper connection to your FEMININE SPIRIT FORCE.

If you are longing to embody a deep unconditional love, to call love in, in its purest form. To open and connect to your divine INNER LIGHT. To feel at peace with the beauty within.

This candle can be used in your self care, meditation, yoga or journaling practice or you can simply light and read by it, set it beside your bubble bath....what ever you feel called to do.

The crystal used in this candle is added to magnify the intention sealed within. The crystal used in the Self love candle is

Rose quartz - Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love
it is one of the most important stones for heart chakra work as it opens your heart to all types of love. Self love, love of family, love of friends and romantic love
The soothing energy of rose quartz, fosters empathy, reconcilliation, forgiveness of other.
It can clear anger, jealousy and clearing out heart issues from holding on to negative energy, allowing them to heal.



A strong heady scent of pure gardenias.


Please be very mindful that because this candle has botanics, flowers, petals within there is the chance of them to catch a light if too close to the flame. So make sure that you never leave candle unattended..  

BURN TIME :  40 hrs roughly 

Whether you are looking to cleanse your own energetic field or that of the home or office space. This is a divine tool to utilize.


We often are magnets for other people’s energy, good or not so good... sometimes what is going on around us can impact us on a mental and physical level.

Often we carry unwanted energy around on our physical beings from emotional, physical, and energetic stressors, often unknown to us, they show up as Anxiety, overwhelm, stress or anger

When you meet someone who is light, happy and joyful you often walk away feeling the same...

Same goes for those who may be feeling down or are negative or you know those who you have met that drain all your energy leaving you depleted and flat.


It is so important that you keep your own energy clean. That you protect yourself and also your family from the negative energies that are picked up, knowingly and unknowingly. 


You know when your in a great mood and your kids or partner come home and aren’t so happy, it affects your mood.


There are ways to

Protect, clear and navigate these energies.

My intention for the cleanse reiki infused candles are to assist you with protection, clearing and balance. Simply by setting your own intention to clear your space, your aura or those whom you live with fields. Helping you to have a more harmonious abundance of energies around you.

This energetic vessel is charged with a intention for cleansing and purification.

CLEANSE infused candle will help you to do this in a simple and very effective manner. It also works as a form of energy protection. 

Lighting your cleanse candle and speaking the invocation as well as feeling into what it is you want to cleanse, release, let go of or purify will allow the intention to dissolve any or all of these energies. 

This candle is great to also use when you may be working on creative projects and projects that need clarity and focus. And when you feel that you need some extra energy protection. 

The Crystals placed individually in this candle are chosen to amplify the intention and purifying  power.


 Pear perissimons 
This sparkling, citrus-pear blend combines notes of soft woods, sheer florals, pungent perisimmons, sweet pear, and a grapefruit top note.or 

Island spa

Chevron Amethyst - cleansing, clearing negative influences and attachments, act as a shield of spiritual light. relieves stress, anxiety, overwhelm, is a form of spiritual protection.  
Encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer.
it is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection
that brings mental clarity. Helps you become more in tune with your emotions and know yourself on a deeper level.
Amethyst repels negative energy and attract positive energy. Making them wonderful protection stone for your home. One of the strongest crystals for ridding home of negative influences.



Awaken , Go within , Seek, Listen, Enlightenment 

Growth, Metamorphosis.


There are stages of our lives where we are either at a cross roads but r have the uneasy feeling and are ready for change...


We as people don’t always stay the same.

We are tested, we are given hurdles to jump, mountains to climb, slopes where we cannot get a firm grip and just have to let go, release and trust that we will come out the other end still breathing.


Whether it be connection to yourself or a higher energy the TRANSFORM reiki infused intention candle will guide you to tune in.. It will offer strength, confidence and trust.


Spiritual and personal journeys are not always easy and the TRANSFORM candle offers you a healing tool to work alongside you. An energetic guide to tune you in, to open you up for expansion...

The Transformation  candle which is charged with reiki energy and intention, is for those who are on a spiritual/personal development journey and are wanting to connect and awaken.

Using in your meditation, yoga, dance, journaling practices. It will help with spiritual and higher self connection.

This healing candle will help bring forth your soul essence, your INNER LIGHT and allow you to receive.

The crystals used in the Transform reiki infused Intention candle are

Clear natural quartz - amplifies intention and other crystals, heals, brings clarity and spiritual connection.


Stone of destiny.
Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon and the divine feminine.
Making it a wonderful soothing stone for women.
It is worn to increase fertility, to harmonize the mind providing health and protection.
Helps to align hormone production metabolism and reproduction.
It also allows deep rooted feelings to be energised and come to the surface
Moonstones have always been thought to be linked to the power of the lunar cycle itself and so attuned to the rhythms of the oceans too. The Romans believed that moonstone revealed and image moon goddess Diana, and that wearing moonstone bestowed the owner with love, wisdom, prophecy and second sight. This lovely translucent crystal has long been an amulet for protection for travelers and a gift between lovers to enhance passion.
The moon itself is a potent symbol of all things intuition and feminine energy. The rhythms of nature, the sensitive, nurturing powers of all aspects of life. Moonstones bring inspiration, flashes of insight and make you trust your intuition so that you see from your third eye or your sixth sense, rather than react from only your thoughts. Wearing this stone promotes clarity of mind and inner vision and keeps you focused balanced.
White moonstone stimulates psychic perception, vision and dream work. Generally it is a stone that opens the mind to inspiration and attracts both spiritual and emotional harmony.

BURN TIME : 35 hrs roughly 

RECYCLE : Reuse your jar as a vase, plant a succulent, little herb garden in them.
 Add cotton tips, make up brushes, cotton face wipes, cotton wool for the bathroom.  
Pens or pencils or office supplies. The possibilities are endless. 
if you are local bring them back and I’ll refill. 

Care Instructions  -  For the first burn, burn an even wax pool across the surface of the candle.

Leave crystal within whilst burning. If it puts out the flame just move it over ( carefully)  if it keeps putting out the flame remove but place beside the candle. 



The essence of freshly blooming lilacs is captured in this aroma.


Choosing the Grounding energy charged candle is  perfect for those who feel a little unbalanced or disconnected. 

With the stressors of every day life we can find ourselves all over the place. We can find that our energy become disconnected and we feel frazzled, over whelmed even out of alignment.  For some of us we are all up in our head and there is too much going on so we have a lack of clarity, calmness and are unable to focus. 

The intention infused in the GROUND candle is to connect you to the root chakra and back to the elements of mother earth. Each time you light this candle it will help you connect with mother nature and anchoring yourself into the energy of Gaia. You can focus on healing, balancing, aligning and rooting down into those earth energies. 

Bringing that Earth energy back home to your body. Helping to align your energy from the feet up.. Helping you feel steady and secure... 


The crystals used in this Intention candle are used to magnitise that grounding and balancing element. 

The crystals used are 

Tourmaline - helps with grounding, security, protection.  Cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger or feelings of unworthiness. Is associated with the element of earth and the root chakra



Cinnamon Vanilla 

 A classic french vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.

Beautiful woody, grounding fragrance. 


This candle is intended to instill you with an immense sense of peace, calm and bring serenity to your home.

Hand poured with love and calming intentions, infused with soothing crystals and activated to promote balance and inner peace.

Often in life we can feel stuck, lost, anxious, stressed or in a constant state of overwhelm which is the reason Erin had to create a specific Intention candle to combat the daily stresses of modern life.

This candle was curated to bring you back into alignment and for you to feel an innate sense of tranquility and ease.

The Calm candle has the beautiful healing crystal Blue calcite within. 

Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura, and offers very strong transmutational energies. When carrying or wearing Blue Calcite, it acts as a sponge and absorbs all energy coming to you. It filters out the negative vibrations and transmutes them back out into high positive energy.

Blue Calcite has many beneficial effects for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression. Blue Calcites powerful blue rays soothe and relax nerves. It’s calming effects on the mind allow the user to think about emotional situations with more of a level head. By doing this, Blue Calcite opens up a stronger communication channel between your thoughts and feelings, so this gorgeous stone combined with the intentional reiki energy will help to calm, center and relax you. 



A smooth and elegant vanilla fragrance, slightly sweet with a twist of ozonics to balance it out

Top: Ocean Mist, Sea Salt, Orange Flower
Mid: White Orchid, Jasmine Petal, Dewy Greens
Dry: Vanilla Blossom, Ballerina Rose, Driftwood

This abundance candle is set with the intention for you to call forth abundance in any form.

Abundance can be money and wealth but it can also be love, joy, or an abundance of what brings you those things. 


This candle is intended to open you up to an energetic space of receptiveness and to create a magnet like effect to what you are calling in. Remembering to focus on what it is that you are wanting, not focusing on what you don't want more of otherwise, what you focus on you will find. 


Setting your intentions, being clear on what kind of abundance you call in, lighting and igniting. 


Sweet Lemongrass or Lotus flower 

An invigorating lemon lime citrus aroma that envelops and stimulates the senses, creating a vibrantly refreshing fragrance.

This candle has the crystal Amazonite 

Amazonite  empowers us to manifest our dreams and desires by magnifying our intentions. Because it works through the Throat Chakra, these intentions must be spoken aloud. By holding an Amazonite and forcefully affirming aloud what one wishes to create it can powerfully enhance one’s ability to bring it into being.



Wether it be physical, emotional or spiritual healing you are after this candle will be your companion on your healing journey.


Infused with intentions of healing and the healing stone Fuchsite within this vessel, the combination is powerful.


Going through a break up? Found yourself with health issues? Wanting to clear some residual wounding, patterns and triggers... 

wanting to do some inner child work.


This candle is perfect for you 

The Inner Light Collective Reiki Infused Collection is more than just your pretty candle. I wanted to create something meaningful, powerful, magical and something to assist you with different Intentions.

Being in the space ( energy healing) that I am in I knew that there was a need for something to guide you a little deeper. We see practitioners and healers but the work really is up to us. We are the ones who do the WORK 

I wanted to create something to be a support, a beacon or connection for you to do so, what ever that WORK may be. 


Fuchsite was chosen for this healing candle as the properties of fuchsite are as mention before is the healing stone.... Fuchsite can help you recover from emotional or physical ailments quickly. Said to help channel health guidance. The fairy dust looking sparkles within this stone brings about a feeling of happiness and this stone gives one the courage to keep going in hard times... Also connected to the heart chakra. 

Fragrance is 

 Wild Honeysuckle 

Classic honeysuckle bouquet created with top notes of sweet lily,
honeysuckle and jasmine. The heart is a bouquet of roses,
carnations and lilacs leading to a base of violet, musk and cedar.

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