Sacred Feminine Sisterhood


Do you feel disconnected? Are you lacking motivation? Support? Do you feel the pull towards something more but you are not sure what it is? Do you long to connect to your soul? Do you yearn for a deeper love? Do you crave being part of a sisterhood, a part of something more, something meaningful where you will grow, learn and heal?

Well the SACRED FEMININE SISTER HOOD your sacred portal to do all of this and more.

We have your back SiSTAR.

This is for those women who feel

  • A deeper calling to meet themselves.

  • Who are open to possibilities

  • Who are longing a deeper connection to the sacred feminine.

  • Who know in their hearts that there is more.

  • They know that they are being called

  • They are here to shine their light on the world brightly

  • They are divine beings

  • They are wanting to create a life with meaning

  • Who are looking for nourishment,mind body and soul

  • Who may be starting on this journey to embodiment

Why Join this membership?



Soul led Transformation

Each month will be focused on a new topic. The months will be known as mystery months as each month there may be something I feel guided to come through. This work will be wrapped up around Reclamation of self, Shakti energy, Sacred Feminine aspects and the archetypes. Sister wounds, Mother wounds, Invocations, Activation's, Chakra healing, Channeling and journeying, Each month you will be guided to learn the tools and techniques on how to tune in to your own energy, your intuition, unlock your gifts and step into your power. Let go of the old vows, the energetic shackles that hold back from stepping into your ultimate fierceness. Reclaim your worth.


NO lock in contracts

Learning areas


Guiding you to be able to build your own scripts, How to use tools to manifest all that you desire.Abundance in all forms


Creating a space for you to tune into your own channel and to express yourself in a soul led way. 

Reclamation of self

Tuning into your own intuition, connecting to your soul and embodying who you are at the core of you. 


Learn how to nourish yourself Mind, Body and Soul through embodiment practices.

If you have been feeling a pull to want to learn more about spiritual practices, you have had a feeling that you need to know more about yourself and want to reconnect with that inner essence that lost part of you that you know is yearning to be seen and heard, if you are ready to expose the parts of you that you have been denying for the longest time. If you are ready to connect to the gifts you have to offer. To tune in and awaken your intuition. If you are ready to expose toxic patterns and behaviours that disconnect you from your true self and if you are ready to step into that divine vessel of love that you already are then this is for you.

Goddess Activation's

Meditations and activation to tune into your inner Goddess archetypes and feminine energy.

ancestral wounds

Clearing, releasing and healing ancestral wounds. Mother wounds, Witch Wounds, Sister wounds included.

Moon Rituals

Q & A Sessions

Monthly moon Rituals and Ceremony

You will have a chance to ask questions and have them answered on our monthly call or within our group.

This membership will take you through all of the processes I have learned over time. I will be your channel, your conduit but your guide in learning how to open yourself to your own healing. Creating a space for you to tune into your own gifts and power. We will dive deep, connect and you will get all of my knowledge, content, transformation techniques in one place.

This is for you if: 

Join and receive your first month FREE by entering the Coupon code MONTHFREE at the checkout. 

Each month there after is an investment of  $72 

Making it $18 per week for all the tools, healing and content that you could dream of.  

You receive for FREE when you join  access to these courses

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