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Meet the team

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Thanks to the team here at Inner Light Collective, we’re able to put on memorable and rewarding experiences for our guests. We are a mother-and-daughter team and we are experienced in maximizing the positive impact of our retreats, picnics and events so that you can experience wonderful memories that you will forever cherish 

Erin Sharwood is the Founder and Creator of Inner Light Collective, the Brand that houses her candle business and healing and Intuitive reading services.

Erin is a Reiki energy healer and is training in many modalities such as NLP, EFT, Shaman Journeying and Ceremony, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Intuition and Past Life Regression and is dedicated to creating spaces for women to come together, connect and heal. She has also a luxury range of reiki-infused products such as intention candles, oils, smudges and ritual products in her online store and in stores all across Australia and New Zealand. 

Tahlia Sharwood is in charge of making your retreat experience the best that you can imagine. 

Tahlia has been in charge of catering for Inner Light Retreats. She has a creative flair which you can see in all she delivers.  

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