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Nourish 12 Week Program.

Ok so usually my blogs are about something that I have been thinking about or been going through or something I have learned well, this week it is kinda about something I NEVER stop thinking about. Something I am learning about as I put it together and coach people and something I am PASSIONATE ABOUT.

So this is about my new program that I have launched. My first big full amazing program. I am so passionate about it because I’m JAM PACKING it full of information. Videos, content, extras and LOVE

Imagine feeling good every day when you get up

Imagine feeling good every day when you looked in the mirror

Imagine not judging yourself and embracing you for you

Imagine being happy carefree and energetic

Imagine living a healthy life and doing it because you respect how your body feels

Imagine not punishing yourself because you ate a block of chocolate while watching TV

Imagine adding activity you like to do into your daily routine.

Imagine being confident when you walk into a room full of people

Imagine that you had taken the chance on you, that you cherished you and how you feel, how you show up, how you are in relationships, how you deal with stress and anxiety and that you celebrate every little win you have and you learn from every little bump in the road

Now stop imagining.

Why don’t you learn how to do this. Learn what steps to take to embrace the wonderful you that you are, to learn how to create balanced meals for you and your family, to learn how to build good habits, learn to look in the mirror and say “Damn Girl (or Man) you look might fine today” to look at things positively, to start moving your body in fun ways.

How can I learn all of that?

This is where I come in. I have been on a journey of self discovery, I have been learning and growing and studying and creating and now I have put all I know and what I’ve been through into one program. Helping others to do the same but helping and guiding, supporting and coaching along the way. I know this works. I know once you take the focus off self hate and loathing your body, hating your tuck shop arms or you cellulite legs or your badonaka donk, when you start realising that you have an amazing gift and that you are blessed and that you have great qualities then you start treating yourself better and you then start looking after what you have. You start wanting to nourish your body because it feels good, you want to move your body because it gives you more energy, you want to be positive because it makes you happy.

Health is not only about what we eat it is the whole package, the entire way that we live, breathe, take on stress, the way we treat others and let others treat us. The way we feel, the way we move. There is so much more to it than eating. Its about enjoying experiences, getting out in nature, breathing in fresh air, laughing with our friends and the list goes on.

So here is an outline of what is in the course and I know that it is valued at way more than the price I have set it at but I feel every one needs to start feeling good. Being Happy and living their best healthiest lives.

Week 1 Setting up for Success

Nourish PDF E book

  • Eating for health

  • Food plates and portion sizes

  • Commitment certificate

  • Setting SMART Goals

Week 2 Nutrition and the fundamentals

Nourish 2 E book PDF

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Overview of nutrition

  • Benefits of good nutrition

  • How to achieve balanced diet

  • Benefits of eating organic

Serving sizes PDF

Week 3 Training and movement

Workout planner

Nourish movement E book PDF

Week 4 Body Image and mindset

Mindset 4 page e book

Body Image 8 page e book

Week 5 Forms of exercise

Interval Training

Strength Training


Week 6 A Closer look at nutrition

Carbohydrates, protein, fat vitamins and minerals and water

Tips and tricks to creating balanced meals and what you need in the pantry

This is just a sneak peak into what to expect. There is loads more +videos activities and extras such as planners, journals etc.

I really want to help people. That is all I’ve wanted my entire life and now I have found how I can do it with passion and purpose.

If you want to change the way you see your health. You want to change the way you feel the way you live then get in touch and I will help you get started or at least I can go over it what this program is about in more detail. If you want to just go ahead and sign up you can click the link below.

If you want to personally message me then email me at

If you want I would love you to leave your feedback in the comments.

Erin xx

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