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My journey to here.

HELLO there! This is to be my first blog post here so I thought I would write about my journey to get here and what my purpose is.

July – August 2016 was an extremely hard time for me. I had a really trying time, for a few years with a break down of my marriage then not caring for myself by eating crap and drinking to dull the pain, We were separated for two years but it was something we had to go through to grow stronger as a couple. We did fix our marriage so it was not all doom and gloom, but in that time I really let go of the healthy, energetic me.

I was at my wits end so I signed up to do a Nutritional Cleanse Program, that a good friend of mine ( who is a personal trainer) was doing. I trusted her as she was a professional and she knew her stuff. If it was making a difference in her life and her work outs then surely it would help me. Well yes it did and in more ways than one. I started and by day 5 I was feeling alive again.

Prior to starting this program I had been coming home every single day absolutely exhausted, I was the fattest, most unfit and I hate to say it but most lazy I had ever been. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and that was totally unlike me. So as I was using this program I had so much support from people in my team ( others doing the same program) I was added to a few different facebook groups and the love I felt was incredible.

I was happier and felt so good.

People were interested in what I was doing so I shared and that’s where it all changed. I began to help mentor others while I was going through my own journey but the community and the motivation that gave me to keep going was a clincher.

I went to an event that this company held and that was it. Lights on Omg these people were so kind, so uplifting, so real and most of all really supportive. I went home with so many great ideas and started my own Facebook group.

The VibeTribe.

I added in people who were also doing this program that I was but then because of what I was sharing on Facebook and I’d been told ( my vibe) I had people approaching me about how motivating and inspiring I was that they wanted to be part of this tribe.

That’s when I decided that I wanted more. I wanted to help women just like me, women who give everything to their families, who put everything on hold to do things for their children and partners, women who have lost their identity, who have let their health go by the wayside. Women who need something to believe in.

Women who want to be a part of something, who want to be part of a tribe of women who all lift and inspire. I cry everyday because I have these women in my tribe and they are bettering their lives by being a part of our community, by sharing their ups and downs and everyone has each other’s backs. I cry because they inspire me to do better and to be better. It has become about them not me. I have so many girls inspiring me because they are finding themselves again.


One of my tribe has lost 50 kilos but her best feeling yet was that her little boy can wrap his arms around her for the first time in his life.

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