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The Universe has my back! (Self development)

A major part of my journey so far has been taking on self development. Learning how your mind tries to protect you from failing. How self sabotage creeps in and learning to see the signs is an important part of the journey. I did a 60 day healthy mind and body challenge which consisted of me logging in every single day and watching videos and answering some pretty intuitive questions about myself and my goals and in all areas.

Once I had this under my belt it really changed how I viewed situations, negativity and even confrontation. It made me hunger to look into it further, to learn more to look more deeply into who I am as a resin and what I want out of life. I started reading books and I’ll add my list of my favourites to the end of this blog. I am busy so I downloaded Audible and would just plug in my headphones and just listen listen listen. I hardly watch TV anymore if I can be learning or listening to how others have made their lives or someone else’s life better then I’m happy.

My husband was a bit put out as I really was t spending a lot of quality time with him so I had to set times where I was plugging in. Another thing that I love to get information from is PODCASTS!

Getting in and listening to those who are doing the do who are changing thought patterns, building their business, is in touch with their spiritual side, who are coaching others how to coach.

I came across ( not by any accident) I might add, THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK – Gabrielle ( Gabby) Bernstein. Well now this was an absolute game changer for me. I have always been spiritual ( believed in something bigger than myself) and this book just spoke to me and in this book it came to my attention that things are shown to us all the time and it’s not until we begin to listen that we really start to SEE.

I started seeing signs everywhere and it so happens I noticed that this book was put in front of me so often to help me. Every time I was looking for a new book to read this popped up.

When I was on Facebook this book would pop up.

I walked passed it in the bookshop window and finally I got the bloody memo and said what the bloody hell is this book.

I read the blurb and bought it.

I am so glad I did it opened my eyes to all I was not seeing and to all of my possibilities. It is how you choose to see things that moulds the way your life goes. I now see every obstacle as a challenge, a lesson I need to learn. I am so grateful that my eyes are open.

So shortly after I had read this book things began happening. I had been mentoring people in health and wellness but had a feeling I wanted to do more but of course had no idea what I would do or how I could do it. I had a message from a girl I follow on Facebook who was an empowering woman and I loved what she was doing.

Well out of the blue she messages me with just “hi how are you doing”? It ended with her calling me and going over a course she was an advocate for which focuses on health and wellness but focusing on mindset. Weight Management Psychology. I jumped and said I’m in. This is a sign from the universe that it is something I am meant to do.

And that’s what I am doing.

Then Spirit Junkie Masterclass pops up in my email, on my facebook and this time I didn’t take much to look into it. It is GABBY BERNSTEIN, teaching all of her goodness. Well I was in but then when I went in it was $1800.00. WTF! I felt deflated because I just felt this was something really calling to me and at the perfect time. I left it but it just kept popping into my mind and how I could do it. I knew I needed to do it, I felt this was for me and was perfect for my self growth so I bit the bullet and just did it. And I’m up to module 6 as we speak and I thought I had changed by reading her book, I am growing every single day, I’m learning meditation and how to teach it to others ( I am using it with my 2-3 year olds – I’m an early childhood educator) I have been exposed to EFT (tapping techniques) and I’m learning to get clear on what it is I want from my health coaching and am implementing strategies every day to build my heart based practice. I’m looking forward to always growing and learning and serving for the greater good.

  1. Gemsandmineralsinc

  2. AUGUST 10, 2017 AT 9:53 AM

  3. I LOVED reading your post! “The Universe Has Your Back” is one of my favorite books!! I am enrolled in Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital too! I’m up to Module 4. Since I have immersed myself into personal and spiritual development, the quality of my life has improved! Sending you love & light!!

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