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It’s ok! Just breathe!

So I haven’t written for a while as I have been so busy working on messy action. I now know what this means, (what this really means) I have been working so hard on content for my program ( my first) I have been using every single spare moment to create the perfect program. I have been thinking Day and night. Writing, researching, creating videos, been in talks and collaborating with others.

I have put hours upon hours developing content. I spent all my time focused on getting it done and I then ignored my husband, wasn’t feeling overly social because all I wanted to do was work. I finally got my content done.

Then I fell in a heap.

I felt anxious overwhelmed and like I had an elephant sitting on my chest! I could not for the life of me work out why the hell I felt this way. I wanted to cry ( well didn’t want to but felt like I was going to) and all I wanted was for this feeling to go away. I let myself feel what I was feeling because now I realise it is a lesson, I was just trying to work out what the lesson was. Day 3 of feeling like this and something happened to make me shift the way I looked at my program.

I was not using my full potential, I still have to finish my course and I had to realise that there is no rush. Yes I need to create content and know that I don’t have to do it all yesterday. I realised that there is time and if I want to do it right I don’t need to rush. I pride myself on being transparent, authentic and come from a place of love.

My tribe is the most important group of women for me and I need to focus on what it is they want and need, this is what lights me up and that’s my work. I also realise that I need to have more belief in myself and what I’m capable of. That I am more than capable of creating content, and plans. I am creative and I have to trust in myself.

I truly believe that there is a plan for me but also need to take time out to look after my wellbeing.

Its so funny how I react to things now, before I would have just thrown my hands in the air and quit, or cried and carried on but now I’m waiting to learn a lesson or to be guided to something bigger better or more productive because I trust in the process.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Erin xx

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