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What a year.

What an absolutely phenomenal year I have had. I have shifted gears and only for the best. I was there to welcome my grandchild into the world. We have the most beautiful children who are grown and starting their own lives away from home ( not my youngest yet) My relationship with my husband is so good and we are the very best of friends.

I am just so blessed.

I have learned how to change my negative thoughts to positive ones. How to not sweat the small stuff. To take in nature and all of its glory. To be truly grateful for what I have. I’ve learned to let go, say no, say yes, do what scares the shit out of me ( still working on this one) I see the signs I am given from the universe because I asked to see. I trust that there’s a grand plan for me and that my purpose is to help other people find themselves and for them to feel good. To get their health on track and to live happy lives.

How did I get to this point?

Well I found myself a group of inspiring people who supported me in my journey and that’s why I wanted to do the same for others .

I started my tribe and women have been joining from all over the world . It’s a place to share health inspiration show support and encourage each other. It’s a place of positivity and love

I also started my own coaching business and have been learning and growing all this year so that I can share what I know ( from experience) and through education, such as podcasts, videos books, courses and audio books. Every spare minute I have I’m trying to gain knowledge.

So kicking off the new year I launch my first coaching program. So excited to help people reach their health goals. Actually I’m beyond excited.

Nourish 12 week program

I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have for my beautiful life. Next year is going to be an adventure and I cannot wait to take the ride.

More training More Learning, More growing, More time with family, More Travel, more connections, more love

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