Goal setting

Well here I am setting goals on the 1st January 2018. It’s such a great feeling to feel fresh and clear and happy and knowing what direction I want to take for the year ahead. So often I have set goals just for the sake of it. Or because I felt terrible ( fat). Not this year. This year I set goals with intention. I know what I want this year to bring and I am going after it.

I have 3 categories Health , Business and Family.

I set myself up in an area where I could feel relaxed and armed with pen and notebook I sat down and started writing.

So not just writing anything I set specific goals. Such as for my health I am giving myself 4 months to Get to my feel good weight. I don’t know the specific weight but I am wanting to feel good, healthy, fit strong and lean.

Then I had to get specific on how I was going to get there?

So I am going to only put good nourishing food into my body, I’m going to clean the cupboards out of all the processed food and I’m going get organised in preparing a meal plan and know the meals we are having each day.

Im going to schedule my workouts and challenge myself by adding distance and pace to my runs and effort to my Zuu workouts

I have set myself a time frame so I have a date to work towards.

I then went and did some journaling.

I wrote it as I had met my goals. How I felt, what I was wearing, who I was with, where I was, how people reacted towards me.

I could feel it.

Set your goals with intention and I guarantee you will meet them.

Don’t set and forget.

On Friday I’m running a Vision board workshop to put all of my goals onto a board that I can see always, for extra inspiration.

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