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My purpose

Today I held my Vision Board workshop for an intimate few and it was just so nice to discuss goals and visions with each other.

I’ve come to realise ( well I’ve always realised ) that what I love is connection. I really love it when I can speak to people and get quite personal with them about what it is that they love or fear or want out of life, what their challenges are what their strengths are and you know I had the nicest thing said to me today. That if someone else held something like I did today that there is no way they would go. They would not trust telling anyone else their goals or dreams and that they only trusted me with that. Now to me that was heart exploding stuff. And I don t do this because I want People to say that but to know that a shy and cards close to her chest woman can really open up and trust me just makes all of this sooooo much more worthwhile.

I want to empower women to get in touch with what they think is holding them back. What they feel is challenging and face it. I want women who feel lost or stuck or who don’t like themselves to get out of that rut and see themselves for the glorious Amazing, sexy, strong, brave women that they are.

I’m 43 and it’s still a process but I’m getting there. Every day I appreciate more about who I am and what I have to offer.

I love

That’s me in a nutshell. I love love. I love people to feel loved.

I started out finding me and in that process I found that I could help others find themselves and when I see them sharing that they tried on a size 20 dress and had to go 2 sizes smaller with pure joy in their eyes. Well what can I say I’m hooked. If I can help people and see that look on their face then I am so blessed.

If I can have an extremely closed off anxious woman put all their trust in me I am blessed. If I can help a woman who has lost her spark find it again and light up Those around her. I am blessed. I’m blessed in more ways than I can say.

This is my passion.

This is my purpose and my program is to help women from all walks of life all backgrounds find that spark, that trust, that confidence. This program is so dear to me because I know that women are going to get results. I’ve been there. I am them. And all it takes is some knowledge, some guidance and some support and love and they will bloom.

You don’t have to be skinny to be worthy you don’t have to be something your not to be something special. You are already those things you just need to learn to see it and the rest will fall into place.

If this is you or someone you know who is looking for that push, that lift up, that support and help getting all areas of their health and self back on track or to where you know you or they could be pm me and I’ll tell you more about it.

Erin xx

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