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kind of strange asking the girls if they could share the experiences that they have had with me because I don’t know it’s just weird. But I wanted to show that my coaching, mentoring and support is what I love. I love the fact that I can help even if it’s just a little bit. So I’m so chuffed that the girls wrote some very lovely things.

Here is Mel’s testimony. I love Mel she’s a heart centred kind woman who is selfless and has so much goodness in her.

I have known Erin for seven years, many of these I have watched her struggle, like myself with weight and mindset.Then I began to notice change, Erin was studying and became passionate about positivity, change, health and motivation. She was turning her life around her happiness, her weight loss and her whole was different and so obvious, it was like she had gained an amazing affirmative aura – and I wanted it too!

Over the past few months I have been able to make positive changes to my life and am reaping the benefits. Erin provides support, encouragement, and motivation that is backed up by knowledge, experience and a genuine interest in your well being. Erin is real and relatable, not only is she invested in your journey, but she shares the ups and downs of her journey as well. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am making goals and achieving them because I finally believe in myself and my ability to succeed! I wouldnt be here without her – Thank you Erin x

Now Marty. This girl is just the most loveable amazing girl who loves animals. She is kind and compassionate and just so beautiful. Here are her lovely words

The thing that is most appealing about Erin Sharwood is that she has lived life on the other side, the side of life that many of us fall victim to as we get busy running after our kids or dealing with all day to day things that life tends to throw our way… most of us can admit that we have fallen victim to forgetting to nurture ourselves, we gain those extra kilos and start to feel frumpy and exhausted. Erin has seen the light and has been an amazing mentor to so may women in our community by sharing her journey from feeling rundown and exhausted to feeling amazing and on top of the world… she is inspiring, understanding and non-judgemental because she gets it. She understands how confusing it can be when you first start to venture into the world of nurturing yourself through healthy eating and exercising. It can be scary but she takes all the messy confusion out of it and makes it simple and fun for you to start achieving your goals

I am extremely grateful and blessed to have this amazing tribe of women who are striving to just be the best version of themselves that they can be.

This girl is incredible. Such a fun vibrant soul And just great to have around Steph was so kind and wrote a testimony about being under my guidance plus she’s a wonderful friend and I just love her to pieces.

I’ve known Erin for a few years now, with her passion in health and wellness arising I couldn’t help but to jump on the bandwagon and start to get healthy with Erin’s guidance. Without Erin’s support, motivation, encouragement and strength I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today. The most inspiring aspect to Erin is her dedication to not give up on anything and know exactly the right time to give you an extra push to reach your goals. Words cannot begin to explain how thankful I am to have her by my side every step of the journey.

I have know Aletha for quite a few years now and was overjoyed when she wanted to be part of our little tribe. Aletha has recently had a baby boy and is just a gorgeous human being. I was stoked when she sent me this lovely testimonial about how she feels about me being a mentor.

Erin is a god send. I was at a physical and emotional low point after having my baby. I was a few pounds heavier than I’d like and tired all the time. Erin help me set goals and keep me on track to achieving them. She has so much positivity and is continuously supportive in my journey. Erin has a natural ability to give guidance that is meaningful and has helped me to be more mindful of what I fuel my body with and to keep moving.

Erin had this to say

Since Erin started her own journey her health and wellness she has become an inspiration to many. She has put so much effort into helping others on their journey with her positive ways and education. She is the ‘pick me up’ you need when things get a bit hard. Erin is who you want in your corner to kick start a better you.

And then the amazing Kim who has just had the most amazing results herself said

Recently I have taken a nose dive for various reasons

Having Erin so focused and motivated helps me through. I know she is passionate about each and every client will go the extra mile to help Reading from the vibe tribe is slowly inspiring me to make health choices and realise I’m not alone. Erin you are an inspiration and a wonderful friend a leader. Keep your posts going as it helps me I was getting to a stage where I’d have my shakes and forget to eat to try and loose weight so I was going backwards Having you close by is helping me get back on track


And then kind, reserved, strong wonderful Stephanie

I am quite reluctant when it comes to new habits and changes . Erin has at all times, encouraged me gently , never making me feel guilty for my lack of good effort- but seeing every small step I take as a win- which in turn- has encouraged me to move – ever so slowly – with the change . I feel encouraged and supported by Erin and actually want to make her proud of my very small efforts! I now truly feel even my small steps towards looking after myself are still worthy of continuing because they are still steps…. Erin has been instrumental in this change of mind set in me ! Thanks Erin

The Garra shared this on our amazing group page

Good Morning lovely vibe tribers!

I just wanted to share a little about how my travels are going.

A little over 2 weeks ago I joined the Tribe, I weighed in at 66.1 kg, I was stuck in a rut and felt I wasn’t in a place where I wanted to be, I didnt want to start buying bigger clothes and covering up but thats exactly where I was going, my current clothes were becoming extremely tight and not flattering at all!

So after some self negotiation and then having a few conversations with Erin, I thought what have I got to lose? Ive spent more money on Fad diets and gym memberships than id like to admit.

Today i weighed in at 61.8 kg with a total loss of 4.3 kilos GONE!

Erin goes out of her way to ensure questions are being answered or that if she can inspire us in anyway she does!

Thanks Vibe Tribe, you’re all awesome to me! Thanks Erin for going that extra mile!


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