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Well guys I am over the moon to be sharing with you that I am soon to be a NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Practitioner. By the end of next week end I will be fully certified and ready to start helping you get those breakthroughs that you are wanting.

I have been on a pretty intense journey for the last two years and for me a lot of the wins I have gained were through changing my mindset. I was so intrigued at how amazing just changing the way we look at things, the way we speak to ourselves and others changes everything.

I am going to say that I love this journey as I am learning and growing so much. I am learning more about myself that I would have ever even bothered to if I didn't start changing the way I speak, see and think.

I started out trying to lose weight. I was always chunky (so not true as the photos prove) so I told myself. I was always going to be the one who was overweight and couldn't control my eating. That is the story I told myself. No it is because I chose to think that way and chose to accept that that is the way it would always be. I started dabbling in self development and one of the big things was just that, positive thinking, Once I started to change the way I spoke to myself it started to snow ball. I used to look in the mirror and hate on myself, so I started just slightly changing by telling myself my hair looked pretty. Once I got comfortable doing this I then started doing it for traits I had or things I told myself I couldn't do. I started turning them upside down and seeing what happened if I believed I could. Well this changed me .

Let me tell you I am not perfect I still have LOTS of limiting beliefs and I am sure that there will be new ones popping up all the time but having the strategies to put in place to help combat them is so wonderful. But how amazing is it that I found something that I can learn and then guide others to break through their limiting beliefs to help them conquer fears that they have.

A Breakthrough is ideal for:

● Improving your Relationships

● Career Development

● Changing your Physical Health and Well Being

● Getting control of your Emotions and Mental Issues

● Self Confidence

● Become more self-motivated

Personal Breakthrough sessions can help with

Letting go of negative emotions such as anger, hurt, rejection, phobias, loss, guilt and shame.

It can help with such things as losing weight, stopping smoking, change bad habits

create a compelling future and help you to set clear goals that are in alignment with what it is you want from you life.

So Excited to share this with you and I will keep you posted.

Much love


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