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Step OUT of your Comfort Zone.

We all like to play it safe, even some of us that say we aren't. Your life becomes enriched when you try something new. When you take the steps to learn and to grow or to try something adventurous. It can also make you HAPPY.

Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't mean that you have to engage in some death defying outrageous adventure, it can actually be as simple as trying a new hobby. Taking a trip to a new place or starting a live on Facebook if that terrifies you.

Often things that are the scariest have the greatest rewards.


Ideas for stepping out of your comfort zone are.

Learn a New skill

Speak in front of an audience about something you love.

Travel on your own

Start conversations with strangers

Do a Facebook Live.

Sign up for a challenge that really will push you.

Visit a non English speaking country.


Hike somewhere grand. Like the Grand Canyon

Write a book

Leave you full time job to pursue you dream job

Say I love you first

Make the first move

Go white water rafting

Interview someone you are in awe of

Go in a hot air balloon

Climb the Harbour Bridge

The list goes on and it is different for everyone what scares one may not scare another.

We are all very complex human beings but we really don't realise our potential and once you push through some of the barriers you will realise this. You will realise just how amazing, clever, strong, brave you really are.

What are you going to give a try?


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