6 of my most favourite Instagrammers who are Rocking it.

So at first I really didn't get Instagram, and to be quite honest I still don't exactly understand it but for me I love the visual aspects of it and now that they have introduced Instagram story to it, it is even better. I love watching my faves in their lounge room playing with their kids or doing a grocery run it just makes them all the more real. I am going to share with you my faves. I also like them all for different reasons.

Jenna Kutcher.

Photographer, entrepreneur, podcaster helping dreamers run authentic, profitable businesses.


Now the reason I love Jenna is because she is real. She is very talented at what she does but she doesn't pretend to be something that she is not. She is funny and just a girl who is successful based (on my opinion) on being her true authentic self. Her photography is gorgeous, her podcasts are so informative and easy to understand and her tips and ideas on creating your best business are simple and effective. Love love love Jennna.

Jillian Harris

Ok so I have been following Jillian since she appeared on the show the Bachelorette. I loved her because she was so much fun. Again so real and down to earth. She is an interior designer and I loved all of her house décor so I followed her where ever I could. I now mainly follow her on Instagram as she does spend a lot of time there. she now has a fiancé Justin and they have a baby Leo and just watching all of those life transitions has been so fun. She is a fashionista and her house is incredible. She cooks she is a mum she is a TV show host Love it or List it Vancouver she is just a very savvy business woman and is Vegan. She always has something different going on so she is a treat to follow. Not to mention she is very family orientated.


Sophia El Rae Johnson

OMG can you see why I love her. Her page is so aesthetically pleasing. And her beautiful little cherubs and just so cute. She creates such an amazing creative account by the colours she uses and may I add THAT HAIR. She has all different types of posts from her beautiful children to foot and out in the environment and her messages (from her blogs are very insightful and moving)


Lori Harder

So Lori I really resonate with. I love all that she is about because I have been following her through my NWM company. She is such an amazing inspiration in the world of creating her own business and entrepreneurship but also branding herself away from just the NWM. She is spiritual and connected and kind and real and I think for me that is the theme with those I resonate with. Those that are authentic and share their downs as well as their ups and show that they are really human. I was listening to a podcast only today about your tribe and she was talking about her childhood and I had not heard this story before and for me it made her only more real. She was teased as a child for being in a different religion that didn't celebrate the kinds of holidays and celebrations the other children in her community did. She if you can imagine it was a chubby kid and was teased for that and her speaking on her feelings of loathing and going to bed crying herself to sleep really hit a nerve with me. It was just like I was. She is releasing her book on the 8th of May title a Tribe called Bliss and it sure to be amazing. I could go on and on also but her podcasts are also very real, helpful and informative.


Peta Kelly

And again another that I have been following because she is also with the NWM company that I am aligned with. Now I also thought Peta was a great speaker and at all our events she really made you think. She was ALWAYS barefoot and she worked very hard to become one of Australia's youngest millionaires. To say she worked hard is an understatement. This girl has been an absolute pleasure to watch her grown into the most nature conscious, life conscious person. She is kind and she is tough. She has beliefs and she is not afraid to share them and she really is and Earthess (she created the Facebook space for women who care... ) She is a wife and a mother and also an author of the amazing book the earth is hiring. If you have not read this you really should.

REALLY should especially if you are a millennial.




I don't have a lot to say about this but this food looks absolutely like art work. It is all vegan and it makes me absolutely drool. Like mouth watering like Homer Simpson wanting donuts. This makes me want to eat like this all day every day. How absolutely creative, colourful, pleasing to the eye, healthy and mouth watering does this food look. And every day I am blown away by what she has created. I have just signed up to her blog and so I will receive these recipes. I will give it a go but rest assured it won't look the same. Check it out.

I have so many more that I follow and love and maybe I will do another blog soon about them.

Thank you for reading and if you like this please like below and leave a comment of who your favourite Instagrammers are so I can check them out.


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