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The Power of Tribe


Your Vibe attracts your tribe.

Squad, Tribe, Posse, Sisterhood, Friends, Gang, Clan, Kin, Family, Group, Kindred, Crew, Mob, Blood, Ring, Society, Union, Bunch.

Find your Tribe and love them hard.

Well I understand that. I really do. When I started out on my finding me journey. The journey to making myself better, to finding out who I am, to committing to learning and growing, that is when I heard all of this Tribe business. Now I thought oh that sounds nice. What I didn't understand at that moment was that it was not about finding a group of people to hang out with. It wasn't talking about the friends that you had had for years (although they are always part of your tribe, well the ones that grow with you).

What I found out was it was about finding people who understand you, who are on the same kind of level as you are, who are in alignment with your values and who are also willing to grow and learn like you are and who really want to support you in anything you may want to venture in to. Now this can be all types of people too. But once you start to move away from negativity and you do start to move towards the things that light you up sometimes you might lose friends. I know it is not something that we want and it can be heart breaking but not everyone grows along with you and sometimes people don't understand why you are changing or doing the things you are doing but its a sad fact of life that sometimes friends cannot always support you as you spread your wings.

You may not have been into exercise and you have started on that journey and therefore you find a group of people just say, at boot camp who push you, who challenge you, who support you and cheer you on and help you to be the best you. Then that is your tribe. You may have started on a new career path and your old position wasn't serving you so you took the plunge and tried something new and along the way you met some amazing people who breathed into you a sense of belonging and empowerment and they helped you to see just the potential that you have. You may have started on a spiritual journey and along the way found people who helped you on that journey. It is so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up. Not cut you down. People that see so much in you and you in them, not people who are trying to get something out of you. People who are your cheerleaders, people who want to see you succeed. People that challenge you to step up, People who want to see you win.

Your soul is attracted to people, the same way flowers are attracted to the sun. Surround yourself only with those who want to see you grow - Pavana

I am so blessed to have found a tribe just like that. I am so blessed to have found people along the way that are amazing, creative, funny, beautiful, engaging, spiritual, successful, joyous, happy, enlightened, charismatic, wild, silly, crazy, encouraging, delightful, smart and the list goes on and on. These girls are my tribe. I found some of them in places I would never have imagined, some who did online courses or were in the same groups as me. Some were mothers of the kids friends, some are my best friends from childhood, some are girls I knew at school some are people I met through health and wellness, some I met through doing training and some who reached out to me to join my programs or to be coached by me. I am so glad that I get to see (and I mean really see) just who these girls are. Inside and out. It is so important to listen to people to find the good in them. To help them feel good whenever you can. To point out the good in them. To cheer when they accomplish something great or small. To lift their spirits when they aren't feeling to good. To love them for who they are and to just be there for them whenever they may need.

Women are learning to help each other out and not to run each other down which is a much needed change we need to see in the world, And if we can start there we will see huge shifts throughout the world. This is an awakening that has needed to happen. I find it hard making small talk these days as I want to really know who I am talking to I want to know what lights them up, what makes them tick and I want to appreciate all that is good with each person I talk to. I know not everyone is my cup of tea and I accept that and I also know I am not everyone's cup of tea either. I want to see women stand by each other, join together, build each other up, hold each other in love.

Do you have a tribe you are a part of?

Erin XX

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