Getting back to my WHY!

I wrote this message to share on my Facebook today and thought I would get it out in blog form also as it was very much written from where I am at this time.

So I decided to share this with you this morning because it has been sitting on my heart for the past few weeks. Not that I knew exactly what was going on but here we go.

I have spent ALOT of hours creating, researching, studying, listening and doing. I have spent a lot of time trying to do the things that I thought being a entrepreneur, my own business owner should do. I have watched other people in my field and tried to learn from them. I have done webinars and courses and anything you could think possible so that I could best serve YOU. I have been fraught with overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and serious burnout because I was doing what I teach not to do and trying to do it all. I wanted to serve the masses. I wanted to make my message help EVERYONE. Well that is just ridiculous.

What my message is, is to take care of yourself. To Stop trying to do it all for everyone else and to take care of you first so that you can care for others properly and meaningfully.

What woke me up was I had a client a few weeks ago and she wanted help. She wanted help right now and I had all these offers and courses that were long and involved and they didn't give her what it was that I started this on my journey for. The SUPPORT.

The reason I started doing this was for women JUST LIKE ME. Women who had lost themselves, women who had forgotten who they were or they never knew who they were. Women who had issues with weight and confidence and feeling good in their own skin. Women who needed to start taking care of themselves, even in the smallest ways. Women who are unkind to themselves and who just need some guidance on how to start to love who they are for who they are.

I struggle still with this, I struggle walking passed a mirror some days, I struggle with feeling like I am good enough, strong enough, kind enough and just plain ENOUGH. I also realise that that is ok too. It is ok to feel this way. I struggle with knowing what to say, knowing what to teach, knowing how to guide or mentor. As I share things I think "oh what will ____ think?" But this is where I have to let go.. I cannot help EVERYONE. Not everyone will resonate with me and I won't resonate with them. My message isn't for everyone. I can only do what aligns with me. I can only share what I think needs to be shared and the people who need that message will take it and those that don't will leave it.

I heard a message by the brilliant Peta Kelly this morning about if all of this went away. Social media, Facebook, Instagram and the internet what you do away from that is your magic. And that really hit home for me.

I am a sharer, in our staff room I talk about these things, with my friends, family and strangers. I tell them my story, I talk about my flaws, my fails, how I feel. I always have, I probably always will but that is my the real authentic me and I try my hardest to help where I can, be kind where I can, treat people equally. I felt so good knowing that, the online me and the real me are the same. I tell people if I binge and eat chips and gravy or chocolate when I am supposed to be being healthy. I don't hide my truth, and yes sometimes I should hide some of my truth's but this is me...

I have decided to go back to WHY. WHY I started this journey, why it was my passion and I cannot get bogged down by what the next coach or mentor is doing. I will stay true to me. And those who want my message will take it.

I worry what people think, I try not to but I do but if I stay true to me and what it is I am about. The message I feel I need to share then I can't go wrong. In the end I can't go wrong. So I decided that all my other courses and content will sit in my drop box for now as I need to simplify and do what I actually teach and spend time doing things that I love. Spending time with my family, making time for fun.

I created a video series of what I feel women like me need to hear. The ones who are a little lost. The ones who have never really been kind to themselves, the ones who want to start to build a positive relationship with themselves to be the best version of who they are for them.

I made videos discussing (from my heart) issues and resolutions to these issues. Just having a conversation with you on various topics that will help you start to heal. I wanted it to be easy to access, affordable ($39.95) and light hearted and not too time consuming. I want to get back to supporting you. To sharing my healing so you too can heal. Sharing my wins, my losses, my triumphs and my fails.

So if I do anything, I do it with love, with honour, in alignment with who I am and I will make no apologies for who I am.

Holistic Balance Video Series

Being an expression of your own healing you have the power to heal others - Gabby Bernstein

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