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Make Gratitude your Attitude

Being grateful doesn't come to us naturally, we are not hardwired to see the good in all there is but if we practice we certainly can.

When we can see the good as well as the bad it helps us to become unstuck so to speak and makes it less likely that we will complain.

Gratitude can strengthen relationships you have with others, it can create a healthy mind and therefore body and spirit, it can reduces stress, making us happier.

When we are grateful we focus on what we have and not what we want all the time.

Ways to Practice a Gratitude Attitude.

When speaking to people sound like you are very happy to be speaking to them (whether you are or not) it makes them feel valued.

Be present. Notice all that you are grateful for in your day to day life. You would be amazed at how much we take for granted.

If you identify something negative, such as it is a cold day put a positive spin on it like how pretty it looks with the frost over the grass.

When you come across blocks or barriers or a bad situation ask yourself what is there to be learned from this. (this is a major one that has absolutely changed my world) Instead of focusing on poor me, I realise there is a lesson to be learned from whatever the challenge was.

Compliment people. Tell the girl down the street you love her dress, tell your co worker that she is doing a great job, tell your partner you love the way they treat you. Don't be afraid to say nice things to people. I did this at work the other day where I wrote every employees name on a piece of paper and wrote at the top that everyone had to write one nice thing about the other. I didn't realise people find it so hard to say something nice. So start practicing by giving at least one compliment a day.

Challenge yourself to not gossiping or speaking badly or complaining for a week. If you slip up then notice just how much energy you are spending on the negative.

Join a cause that you resonate with. Donate money, Buy the next person in line a coffee. Help someone.

Erin xx

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