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Let me Re-Introduce myself

Hello lovely friends, new friends, acquaintances and those of you who may or may not know me. My world online has certainly been expanding and so I wanted to re/introduce myself to you and let you get to know me on a little bit of a deeper level. Plus I also want to say that the direction I have been going has changed slightly and I wanted to fill you in on this also.

I made some big life changes over that last few years which have seen me grow and expand and learn new ways of being and doing. This leap has allowed me to follow my passion, my purpose and my soul has certainly been nudging me to do more and be more.

I live in a big small town in the Central West of New South Wales and I have lived here my entire life. I love this big small country town and I still have a lot of friends here and new ones that I have met over the years.

I will say that as a child I was always very afraid of looking the fool. I was afraid of looking dumb and that followed me into my adulthood. I used food as a crutch and leaned on food heavily for support. Also using alcohol as a tool to make me forget and therefore become the life of the party.

In these changes that I have been talking about one of them was getting to know myself. Digging deep and really getting to know me on a very intimate level. You know it actually makes me sad to say that I did not EVER really know who I was, as I left my family home at 18 to move in with my now hubby and we pretty much ended up having a baby the next year. So it is safe to say that I didn't know who I was. Getting to know myself is and was a very hard experience and also a very freeing one also. As I have gone through this process I have uncovered layers of the people pleaser. The rebel. The addict (food and eating disorders) The enabler, living with the fear of looking stupid or being judged and the list goes on. But what I have also found is that I always wanted to help people. I am kind and funny intuitive and caring and get so much joy out of other peoples joy. I also realised I am so worthy of living the life I dreamed of for myself.

I have my own business and I am writing a book. I write blogs and am planning events and am now coaching 1:1 using NLP to help other mothers who have put their priorities last and who may have also lost their identity to overcome their limiting beliefs around their body image and feel confident in their decisions to lead a vibrant happy healthy life that they want to live. As a coach, I hear so much of what I lived and what I sometimes am still going through. These mothers who have been everything for everyone and left their needs til last. They feel tired, fed up, overweight, have no energy and are just plain burned out or overwhelmed. I don't want them to feel this way. I was sick of feeling this way so I decided to do something about it. I got to the point where I felt that I was in a deep dark hole and I wanted out. I have learned through lots of fails but also lots of wins how to get out of the hole. I have coached other women to find that spark and to shine their lights bright and that is what absolutely makes my heart sing I am so very blessed and also so grateful that this is what I get to do, something that is from the heart and it is something that is making a difference to other peoples lives.

This has gotten longer than I thought and I'm proud of you if you are still with me.

Other things I love are my children, my husband, my grandson Fletcher, my little farmhouse and watching it become my dream home. I love to travel and I also love to stay at home. I love the footy. Well, when my boys play especially. I love candles and flowers and sunshine and winter is not my favourite time of year. I love my dog when he isn't chewing up my things and shedding hair everywhere.

So I hope you have a clearer picture of who I am as we come across each other in this space.

So much love

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