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The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind has a very big capacity. It holds information and memory of all kinds and it goes back further than you could even fathom. It is like icloud storage it is virtually unlimited

Your subconscious holds memory that is permanently stored. You have so much information stored there and if you were elderly and went under hypnosis you would be able to recall information from 50 or so years prior. Your conscious mind on the other hand is more questionable.

Your subconscious mind is programmed to store and retrieve information.

You have been programmed by the way you were brought up, the things you have endured, environments you have been in, people who have influenced you, media and the messages you have received from it, the way you have responded to emotions good or bad. From the programming you have done yourself by the stories you have told yourself or taken on. The subconscious expects you to respond the way you are programmed to. The way that it fits your own personal profile or program.

Your subconscious responds to what ever you have planted in it. You may have planted seeds of positivity or you may have planted weeds that keep you stuck or in a darker place, keep you being fearful or feeling like you are unworthy, how ever your conscious mind speaks and reacts, that is what is planted in your subconscious. Saying you will never be any good will plant seeds into your subconscious that will make you fearful of failure and looking silly and therefore it becomes one of your stories.

These become habits and habits are very hard to break. It takes practice to start to recognise the good you do or the things that you may be great at. It takes practice speaking to yourself in a nice way. We are programmed to focus on the negative things about us and once we stop doing this our subconscious mind will start to store new information. Planting seeds of growth and positivity and move away from being fearful. Habits are a pattern, and if you have noticed that when you try to break a habit or create a new one your subconscious mind has a way of trying to get you back into the comfort zone, this may be when you try to quit smoking or you are embarking on leading a healthy lifestyle or trying something new and stepping out of that comfort zone, your subconscious wants you to feel comfortable and safe, but the thing is you probably aren’t trying to change your habits because you are not needing to. It is important to keep pushing even if that mind of yours is trying to sabotage your efforts. Once you push through and these become your regular patterns or your new habit this will be your new comfort zone. Men and women who are always trying to better themselves know that the comfort zone may soon become a rut and therefore they know that it is worth sticking it out and going against that strong push to fall back into old patterns. I am not saying you always have to be striving for perfection but there is always room for growth, in all areas of your life. So it is important to know that to do this to grow it is going to be uncomfortable, it will not be easy and there will be times where you may fall back into old patterns as long as you don’t stay there. As long as you keep going and keep pushing yourself even though it is uncomfortable.

Learning techniques to help you reprogram your subconscious mind will prove very powerful for you in terms of grown and learning to accept yourself and to nurture who you are and to break free of those limiting beliefs you have stored from your storied gathered throughout your life so far. I have had to deal with a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and some I have no idea why I had them or how they even defined who I am but they came from somewhere, some story, some situation and it was holding me back at being my most authentic, best self. The goals I have, have meant I have had to really go through some of those beliefs and re write them. Rewrite my script so that I can live the life that I have desired for myself. I had to deal with a lot of self-doubt, self-loathing, issues with my body image and my worthiness, and the feeling that I am not smart enough. I admit I have been very uncomfortable moving forward but on the other side it is so freeing to not have that defining me anymore.

Your subconscious is a very powerful thing and it knows everything and it will only be ready for you to change once you are ready to change. You have all the tools to change, to grow and to learn. You have all the tools within you to move forward and to change your own stories. Your subconscious has no idea the difference between imagined and reality and this is why it is so important to harness this power. You can manifest anything into your life. Have you noticed that you may have to get up early one day and you have thought about it and thought about it and then you wake just before your alarm, because you have programmed your subconscious that this is the time you need to be up. Your thoughts are that powerful and why don't you start using them to create the life you want. The things you want to manifest your dreams into reality.


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