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Be who you needed when you were younger

Be who you needed when you were younger

Think about what kinds of things you needed when you were younger. What kinds things helped you thrive. What helped you feel loved and secure and cared for. Think about what I was that you need to be a functioning person. Love Nourishing Food to help you grow and thrive Cuddles and affection Fun Attention Exercise by running outside with your friends Time Laughter Joy Silliness

Are you giving yourself these things now Are you looking after yourself are you taking time for fun are you eating for Fuel and nourishment and enjoyment Are you taking the time you need to reset Are you moving your body in a way you that suits you Do you give yourself love Are you affectionate to yourself and others And please tell me you are laughing.

You should be. You should be looking after yourself in every way. As if you were a young child who needs these things to thrive because you need these things to thrive. You are important And deserve to be nurtured

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