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What we don't need in the midst of struggle Is shame for being human

Ah this quote from Brene Brown hits me right where the feels are.

I know this well. I know this by ❤️ heart Shame Guilt Fear Judgement Jealousy Self doubt Hatred This list goes on. How hard we can be on ourselves for not being what others perceive to be PERFECT We judge ourselves for not having, being or doing what others are We are cruel to ourselves for fucking up And guess what

ITS HUMAN NATURE There is no need to be so mean, to judge, feel shame or guilt or anger towards ourselves because we are human. We struggle, we ALL struggle at times. We ALL fail. We ALL make mistakes and that's ok

We need to start cutting ourselves some slack Realise that it's NOT the NORM to be perfect in fact it's the opposite.

Look at the person beside you The person walking down the street The person driving in their car or Standing in line NONE of them are perfect and that's just imperfectly perfect

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