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First Retreat Wilpine Mudgee

Here is it. The update about how my very first retreat went.

I tell you for the longest time I have visualised just how my retreats were going to be. I have seen it in colour. I have dreamed about it and in that vision I see women in bright colours, happy and laughing and having a good time. I see them feeling alive, I see them having a sense of peace and being very much tuned in. I see them connected to one another.

And that is exactly the way this retreat went.

We arrived on the Friday myself, and my gorgeous assistant Tahlia, Who also happens to be my daughter. We pulled in the gate and both were immediately elated. What a beautiful home. We rushed to get the keys so we could go inside and as we did we were both jumping around as the space, the energy was so welcoming. We had a look around each of us pointing out things we loved. The big open plan area where the kitchen, dining and lounge were. The beautiful little spaces where the sunlight filtered in. The beautiful view out to the iridescent blue pool was. The rooms were all styled in perfect harmony with one another and the house itself. We head off down to the cottage which was equally as quaint and rustic and homely. This is where we were to stay. In our own little abode, with its own kitchen bathroom and lounge. This ended up being the perfect place for our reiki healing with Nicole and Denise. They set it up as a beautiful sacred space for each of the women to have a private healing session with both of these master practitioners.

The Girls started to arrive and it was all a buzz. We settled in and then the storm hit. It was wild weather, mainly wind ad then boom POWER WAS OUT. Not that it seemed to worry anyone. Or that I noticed. We had prepared the quiches and luckily once we arrived Tahlia made the gluten free fritata for the coeliac girls. That doesn't sound good does it. For the girls with allergies. I am so glad otherwise they would have been a bit peckish. We sat and chatted and ate. I had packed in each of the girls gift bags a holistic candle Co candle so out they came and the place smelled amazing. The Owner Belle came over to check that we were all ok and she made a trip to the local bottle o for some much loved wine. We were very grateful. The power came back on around 2:30 am and we were good to go the next day.

We started with breakfast all together and some of us then headed off on a walk. Which was such a wonderful way to see what was on the property and the surroundings. We just had a look around starting with the front paddock and moved our way out the back. We were surrounded by gorgeous gum trees. So many beautiful birds and alot of them were blue wrens. ( another day I will tell you the story if you haven't heard it already) It had rained the night before so the smell of fresh rain on the earth was amazing. We hiked around chatting and then headed back to the homestead for a meditation led by me. It was such a loving meditation for those to connect with their bodies and take notice of all it does for us. Once we were all relaxed and had done that we moved onto do some intention setting while Denise and Nicole started the girls one on one healings.

Then it was a little bit of free time for a swim in the pool. Sit in the sun and read a book. Have a little cat nap or have the one on one healing.

We then had our lunch which was pumpkin and sweet potato soup that (oops I have forgotten to give the girls the recipe to) and relaxed for a while. The other workshops took up the afternoon, EFT and also a crystal workshop with Nic, and around mid afternoon we all sat down and had glass of wine some nibbles and just got to know more about one another. We were all so comfortable with each other from the moment we met. Well that is certainly how it seemed to me..... We ate again having our TACO NIGHT and then once we were all settled we had a Kakao ceremony run by Nicole. Which was a laugh and a half. Denise couldn't stop giggling mid meditation which made all of us laugh uncontrollably of course. And that was it.

We did eventually get back to the meditation and were all so relaxed and ready to hit the hay.....

The next day we got up and casually had our breakfast. The kitchen is so user friendly we all got to prepare our coffee, tea and breakfast without getting in each others way.

We started to pack up our belongings and prepare for our Reiki Circle led by Denise and Nicole which was a wonderful experience for all. Each got a chance to be on the table and the others used their energy for that person. All types of things can come up during those sessions and I know the highlight of this retreat for the girls was what they got out of the reiki, in the one on one sessions as well as in the circle.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. A magical one and it just flowed. I am super blessed to have met some incredible women and look forward to our next retreat in April (27&28 ) in the same place.


Tahlia kept all of the guests happy and helping them out if they needed anything. She took photos so that we could have something to look back on.

Make sure you watch the slideshows too.


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