My 3 Favorite Business Podcasts

Who hear loves a good podcast????

I tell you I do I love to listen to people just having a chat about what is important to them. Or to learn through listening to other peoples journeys. To get a better understanding of a person, their struggles, triumphs and to gain tips and tricks in how to make something work. I am only going to give you 3 of my favourite podcasts because if I were to give you the lot we could be here for quite some time. I have a list as long as Inspector Gadgets arms.

So I will start with the business podcasts that I enjoy and I will start with

The Strategy hour

This is the blurb they have on the podcast to outline what it is that they do.

Get actionable strategies and killer marketing tips to grow your creative business inside The Strategy Hour podcast. Say goodbye to the “side-hustle” mindset and hello to getting paid (and paid well) to do what you love. Your hosts Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams from Think Creative Collective share all the ins and outs of their experience growing a successful 6-figure online business. You’ll hear from some pretty amazing entrepreneurs like David Siteman Garland of the Rise to the Top, Nathan Barry of ConvertKit, Natalie Franke of the Rising Tide Society, and Ankur Nagpal of Teachable. These in depth interviews go straight to the meat and potatoes (a.k.a. Actionable steps you can take away and use in your business today). Our episodes cover a wide range of topics, including growing an online audience, email automation, diversifying your products and offers, generating more sales online, social media, outsourcing, affiliate marketing, productivity, systems, and how to treat your passion like the real business it is. It’s time to become a total creative BOSS! Find show notes and resources at

These girls are incredible they are on it. They share what has gone right for them. what has gone wrong. They interview others, they touch on every single area of creating and developing a business and how they did it and also interview others who are doing it also. Love listening to these girls as I get something out of it every time.

Game Changers Erin May Henry

Game Changers is a podcast that analyses the Personal Branding of influential and upcoming thought leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Erin May Henry a social influencer and personal branding strategist, this podcast covers everything from building a business, developing a mindset for success and getting paid to be yourself.

Erin may henry is the voice behind this podcast and I love all the strategies and branding that she has for her listeners. I have done courses, am in her community and what erin has to offer is gold. (glittery gold) She is always giving so much value to her followers and she gives actionable steps to help you build your own business. She is an aussie girl who is down to earth but very much professional in her approach and the thing I love about her is that she gives so much value on so many different areas. Being in her community she is always on sharing what she is up to how she is doing it who she is doing it with she is real and so very supportive to her tribe.

Love her you should also check her out on instagram as her stories are awesome.

Badass Business Babe Lauren Eliz Love

This is the Badass Business Podcast by show host - me - Lauren Eliz Love. I'm the founder of What is Perfection LLC. And the Badass Business Tribe and I've dedicated my life to my souls purpose: helping people create a freedom life that brings them joy, freedom, and financial abundance. This podcast is a real raw open forum where I share my trainings, tips and growth lessons around building a multiple six figure business in the online space. Let's rock it! For more on Lauren you can visit

So this is another mentor of mine who is killing it with her business and her business goals. I seem to follow and really like those who are a little more real and raw and open and Lauren is another one of these. She doesn't care too much about looking amazing she just gets on and does it. If she has something to share she just does. I too like to do the same. Lauren is amazing. She swears she has a pig and dog and is just very much layed back. She is another who is to the point. Who gives valid and credible information for you to action. I have done her six figure biz babe and reprogramming course and she is amazing. Her content is wonderful and very much easy to implement. I think what I also like about her is that she isn't wishy washy she gets her point across in a way that you understand. She has alot to say and all of it is relevant. Love this girl. Love her podcast and will certainly be taking on more of her courses....

Stay tuned for more updates on Podcasts tHat I enjoy

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