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A Bit about the Root Chakra

So this Chakra is known as the Root Chakra, The Base chakra or the Muladhara.

I am bringing you a series of training around each chakra as there are those of us who may have heard of them but have no idea what they represent. How they work or what they do.

Each week for the next 7 weeks I will be doing a live video training in our private Facebook Group the Vibe Tribe if you would like to join us you can click the link below and I will add you so that you can have access to this training.

Other wise I will be posting here on the blog each week after the training for those who need it written out for them and for them to refer back to.

So this week we discussed The Root Chakra.

The colour Red is associated with this Chakra or energy centre

Red symbolises blood which symbolises life. Fear and Passion and Power are also associated to Red.

WE have 7 energy centres or Chakras and these are



Solar Plexus



Third eye

and Crown

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine.

Physiological areas the Root Chakra energises

Feet, Legs, Bones, Teeth and Large Intestine

As well as Adrenal Glands which are in charge of the fight or flight hormones.

This Chakra is connected to family lineage. Patterns from family are passed down and held in the Root Chakra. This makes up who we are and we have little conscious awareness of these qualities until they are ready to appear when we are ready to heal or see them.

The Root Chakra is the key to survival.

Our security, finances, home or jobs.

Physical warning signs of our Root Chakra being out of harmony.

Lower body pain. Eating disorders, unhealthy living. Immune system problems. Arthritis Constipation males may have issues with reproductive system.

Emotional Signs

Worried or concerned about basic needs such as food, home shelter money.


Fearful Anxious, unsure, financial instability, ungrounded


Safe, Secure, centred, grounded and happy to be alive


Greedy, lust for power, aggression, materialistic, cynical

Crystals to support root Chakra

Smokey quartz, Red jasper, red tigers eye, Jet black tourmaline

Essential oils to support root Chakra

cedarwood, patchouli,


These oils can be used in massage, oil burner or a few drops into the bath.

Saturn is the ruling planet of the root chakra

Archangel Cassiel is associated with the root chakra

You can call on Cassiel to help you if you are feeling you have too much weight to bare. Are to be supported

You may find the root chakra out of alignment

if you are living in a fantasy world, disassociated with your body

Aim to increase the flow of energy back into the chakra bringing it back into harmony and you will find you will become more equipped to deal with reality.

excessive amounts of energy to in the root chakra will cause you to feel

too safe and secure and therefore you will tend to not move forward. Not pushing forward and staying stuck.

other ways it show up is by holding excess weight, being rigid in your ideas and not willing to budge, greed with money or power, extreme emotions and tiredness.

Being in balance you will feel

Health is good,feel safe, energetic and secure

Some Questions to ask yourself to find out if you are in flow in the area of the root chakra

HOw do I feel about my body and what is my diet and exercise like at this time?

Do you suffer from any physical ailments?

Are you on top of your finances?

How is your home environment. Is it clean, organised and a nice environment to be in?

How often do you spend time out in nature?

Do you feel fear holds you back?

If faced with details how do you cope with them?

Do you feel satisfied in the work you do?

Some Affirmations to use to help with bringing your Root chakra back into harmony.

I am safe

I am well

I belong

I stand in my strength

I love my body

I am loved

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